The most democratic MotoGP

Maverick's victory in Malaysia means that for the first time in the history of the World Cup, four brands have won at least two races the same year.

It promised a record season and not only for Marc Márquez. 2019 began for MotoGP with four different brands winning in the first eight races of the year (Ducati, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha), something that did not happen in the queen category since 1982 when the same number of structures was imposed in the first seven tests ( Yamaha, Suzuki, Sanvenero and Honda), and for the first time in the history of the maximum displacement the course will end with four brands that have achieved at least two victories in a year that comes to an end in Cheste.

Although there was talk of the most even season in history when, in 2016, up to nine pilots visited the top of the 'drawer' with the single switchboard, Maverick's victory in Malaysia, Yamaha's second in 2019, made the level This course has been the one with the greatest diversity in a decade that began with the tuning forks and Honda leading the victory score, until the first goals of Ducati and Suzuki arrived in the year of the nine winners.

Until then, it was the Japanese who took first places but before, they had to defeat the Italian wall of the MV Agusta. The transalpine brand is, until now, the only one that has been able to impose a full season in all races, registering a milestone that was achieved with Agostini at the handlebars of a 500cc. And with the end of Italian hegemony, mastery of the fingerboard brand came along with Giacomo himself, in a year where an elite hole had to be carved. Yamaha found it and also did the same Suzuki, distributing the domain with the Japanese firm to become a historic brand that abandoned the championship away from its most competitive version.

A top-3 in 2007, the most democratic season to date in terms of wins by brand, also won Ducati, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki, was the last peak of a trajectory that began to fall to the eighth position in which the Japanese decided to leave the World Cup in 2011. A brand with 90 wins in 500cc only added one in the MotoGP era and made the decision to retire to return with a new weapon that now, from Rins, aspires to triumphs and add two (Austin and Silverstone) this season.

Ducati, with three, completes the victory counter in 2019, but the historical number of victories in the category remains for a structure like Honda that this year adds a total of 11 races won and which, since its inception, has always been kept in the candlestick.

The brand of the golden wing has a total of 303 victories in the queen class (156 in 500cc and 147 in MotoGP) of which, much of it was forged in the second half of the 90 next to Doohan and the same is now being added thanks to a Marquez that sweeps year after year to the point of being the only driver who has managed to add at least five wins per course for seven consecutive seasons. More than brands, the current fight is everyone's fight against ilerdense and although beating it may seem impossible, Valencia offers a new opportunity. The nineteenth and last of the year is at stake.

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