The Mavs get seconds and Doncic follows his own (27 + 7 + 7)

The Slovenian had a day denied from triple (1/7), but still found a way to be the best duel. Vucevic missed the winning shot.

Victory for the minimum of some Dallas Mavericks that continue adding triumphs and are already in the second place of the Western Conference (5-2). This time they won a team with playoff aspirations that have started the season slower than expected but that on their visit to Texas were about to take a victory that is not easy right now. The first half, although even, ended up being favorable to them (54-56) with a spectacular Aaron Gordon (21 points at rest but disappeared in the second part, in which he only added 2 more). Vucevic, unlike his partner, started but ended up being the most prominent player of his, with 19 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists.

You have to do an aside for Jonathan Isaac. The very young player (22 years old) has started his third year in the NBA as a shot and is being the best of the Magic in these first games of the course. His game tonight is one of those that are not usually seen: 13 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and 6 blocks (he is the best blocker in the League with Anthony Davis). He literally did everything and finished with the best +/- of his team (+15 with the track). Those numbers have only been achieved by two players since 1984, Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson. Undoubtedly excellent news for the Florida team, which as confirmed their best forecasts with this player.

On the opposite side JJ Barea returned after months without playing. The base has not forgotten to play (11 points in 15 minutes with a 3/4 in triples) and adds to what is already becoming one of the best second units in the League so far. The Mavs bench again responded with four players in double digits. In addition to Barea they also added Kleber (14), Hardaway Jr. (13) and Jackson (11), for a total of 49 points among the four, almost half of those who put Dallas in the entire game.

The attack is clear that it works. They are the second most scoring team in the West and the fifth in the League. The formula does not have many complications: that Luka Doncic has the ball in his hand as long as possible. When that happens is when the best things happen in the Mavs. Yesterday the Slovenian had one of those days in the triple that serve to put some firewood into the fire to his less and less haters. He wore a 1/7 that is not a receipt and that on more than one occasion can cost your team dearly. It was not so this time in large part by himself, who managed to add despite his poor success from the long distance.

He attacked the area countless times to finish it from near the hoop (9/14 in shots of 2) or to look for teammates (7 assists), often with eternal pick-and-rolls at run time but very effective and that are already becoming one of the brands of the house. Powell (12 + 8) and Kleber seem at the moment their favorite partners in this play. In the end it was the Magic who had the winning shot, but Vucevic missed three times the horn. New victory for Dallas, which on Friday receives the worst team in the League, the New York Knicks.

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