The king of the goal

Leo Messi has destroyed since he appeared in LaLiga, who turns 90, all the imaginable records in the championship. The goal bears his name.

In LaLiga's 90 years of history thousands of players have defended the colors of their teams. Most would now be anonymous to the general public, many of them were stars at the time that attracted the attention of media and fans, a select group of them were really famous and known while feared by rivals and beyond the time in which they played are still alive in the collective memory.

Then there are those who are part of the Golden Book of the history of the Spanish competition. Players who transcended the League itself. Internationally recognized A select group of world stars without discussion: from Luis Suárez and Di Stéfano to Xavi or Iniesta through Cristiano Ronaldo or Maradona. But above all these steps, there is only one name that occupies the top. The leader of the football trophic chain. The player who himself summarizes the best of LaLiga in fifteen seasons played at the highest level. That man is Argentine, plays with the number 10 behind his back and responds to the name of Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccitini. The King of the goal and the undoubted King of LaLiga in what refers to individual statistics.

Its domain is such that a single detail serves to try to take the perspective of the player monstrosity to which we refer. If in soccer the goal is what is most valued, Messi exerts an implacable dictatorship there.

Since his debut in the 2004-05 season with Barcelona, Messi has played 460 matches in the competition turning 427 goals.

Limit to say that these figures come to give an average of almost one goal per game (0.97) would not be fair with the immensity of his scoring ability.

There is a fact that can still leave you more with your mouth open if your jaws have not been disengaged yet. If so, do not read on because the story of Messi's ability to achieve incredible things has only just begun.

When Messi debuted 15 seasons ago, the top scorer record in the Spanish First Division corresponded to Telmo Zarra with 251 goals, which he scored throughout 278 games played, like Messi today, in 15 seasons.

A brand certainly impressive as evidenced by the fact that in 50 years only gunners like Raúl, Hugo Sánchez, Di Stéfano or Quini could approach him. Never beat

Well, a week ago five years ago the match in which Messi broke that record. It was on November 22, 2014 at the Camp Nou with an exhibition of the Argentine against Sevilla (it could not be otherwise, the Andalusian team is his favorite victim), in which Messi achieved a triplet.

Now, pay attention to the data that serves to understand the magnitude of Messi's scoring ability. If that day five years ago, the counter had been reset to Messi again, now the Argentine would again be threatening that record that was set in 1955.

Messi, today, is 75 goals to double the 251 goals of Zarra that meant that goal scorer record that seemed insurmountable. Zarra still resists Messi in one facet. Both players have won the Pichichi trophy six times for the top scorer.

Messi, from the first day that the Infantil B shirt of Barcelona was worn on March 7, 2001 in Amposta, scoring a goal, of course, has generated for his club an unstoppable cataract of goals.

He spent five years in the lower categories of Barça (one of them blank due to a break in the fibula) until he made his debut with the first team. It should be noted that after a year without playing because of that serious injury, when he returned to the pitch he scored 21 goals in 14 games with the Cadet Blaugrana.

He made his LaLiga debut in the 2004-05 season with Frank Rijkaard as coach of Barça. The waterfall began to overflow on October 16, 2004 at the Estadi Lluís Companys de Montjuïc in a derby against Espanyol. He was 17 years old and that campaign scored a single goal. From there, the thing broke out.

Messi's ability to face the opposite frame has not had a glimpse of rival during these 15 years in which (attentive that now another of those macro numbers are difficult to digest) has broken 74 different records in terms of goals in LaLiga.

All are impossible to review. But let's try to give some figures that seem taken from a being from another planet. We do not discard it.

In addition to being LaLiga's top historical scorer, he has the most goal assists he has given, with 168. He doesn't mind going out as a substitute. He is the player in the history of LaLiga who has scored the most goals coming out from the bench, with 24. And see that the bench comes out rarely.

He is also the player who has scored the most decisive time in a League game: about thirty matches have been decided by a goal from Messi. He is also the player in the history of the competition that most times, 94, has opened the scoring of a First match. No wonder, because nobody has done more than twice in the competition's history than he (90) or hat-tricks (34) .

And above, Messi is deeply democratic. Mark all teams. 16 sets of LaLiga have him as his greatest historical executioner. They greet the absolute King of the goal, king of 90 years of LaLiga.

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