The Italian squad explodes against the abuses of cyclists

ACCPI asks the president of Italy Sergio Mattarella to modify the Highway Code. "Cycling on the road is like going to war," Davide Cassani told La Gazzetta.

Italy says enough about the bleeding that cyclists suffer every year on the roads of the country and that it has claimed the lives of 254 cyclists in 2017 and 219 in 2018 in a total of 17,000 incidents that took place last year on Italian roads , according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

The Associazione Corridori Ciclisti Professionisti Italiani (ACCPI) has raised its voice at the increase in road incidents involving prominent Italian cyclists such as Domenico Pozzovivo, Alessandro de Marchi, Letizia Paternoster or Vittoria Bussi, who were injured after being rolled while training, or the case of the ill-fated Michele Scarponi, who died in April 2017 while training near his home in Filottrano when he was hit by a van.

For this reason Marco Cavorso, ACCPI security delegate and father of Tomasso, a 13-year-old boy who died after being hit while riding a bicycle, wanted to send a letter to the president of Italy Sergio Mattarella asking him to move forward with the new Draft Highway Code Law

Cavorso begins by remembering the encounter he had with Mattarella two years ago, when he gave him the book "Tommy sapeva run" (Tommy knew how to run) and reminds him how tragedies have also shaken the president's family. "Two years ago you told me that you had lived in your family a similar tragedy with the death of your brother Piersanti (he was killed by the Mafia in 1980 when he was President of the Regional Government of Sicily). I told you about modern warfare, the one that kills to our children, the war on Italian roads and the world. A war of hate that kills above the categories that cannot be defended. Mr. President, there is a new bill to modify the Highway Code and expects to be voted But that has stopped! In this bill there is a bit of Tommaso and all the children who have lost their lives on the roads because of adults ".

In the letter Cavorso tells Mattarella about three modifications to protect cyclists on the road: the withdrawal of the driver's license for the first crime of using the mobile phone while driving; the definition of the 1.5 meter measure when overtaking cyclists on the road; and the modification of the priority management by the drivers towards the pedestrian that is about to cross in the marked steps ("we are the only western country in which the pedestrian thanks the driver who stops to give priority in a step of pedestrians ")

"Cycling on the road in Italy is like going to war"

It was also critical of this drama of the Italian roads the Italian coach and excicist Davide Cassani, in statements to La Gazetta dello Sport: "Cycling on the road is like going to war , but we are not in this massacre ".

For this reason Cassani proposes a decalogue to be met by cyclists in order to facilitate coexistence on Italian roads and improve the safety of runners waiting for a reform of the Law that could end the bleeding that takes place in the Italian roads

The decalogue of Davide Cassani

1. Remember: in training you are not competing

2. Always follow the rules of the Highway Code

. Bring lights on bicycles and anti-car radar

4. Whenever riding a bicycle, with a case and with visible clothing

5. Never shorten curves and respect traffic lights

6. Do not use the mobile phone and do not run with headphones

7. In amateur races, if you do not compete, drive with caution

8. Awareness campaign for road users

9. Education about bicycle traffic should start in the driving license tests

10. Keep calm: dialogue is necessary on the road.

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