The injuries mark this last stage of Costa in Atlético

The forward has had no luck since arriving from Chelsea. A cervical hernia truncates his good physical moment, last year he missed 23 games and in 17-18, another seven.

Diego Costa returned to Atlético two years ago as one of the purest icons of Cholismo. The ideal nine for this plan. But between some things and others, this stage of rojiblanco is not coming to that of Lagarto as expected. The ballast that is conditioning the ram most are the injuries. The cervical disc herniation joins a list of situations that have left Costa out in more than 30 games since it debuted in January 2018. And until the return of the account it will rise above 40 ...

In fact, Costa was at his best in the physical if we abide by absences for injuries and various ailments. Until this medical part, the striker came from linking 15 games, 1,076 minutes. His biggest streak. Only the two initial meetings (for the first one was also sanctioned) were lost due to an adductor injury. San Rafael's preseason had been good for Costa, who was seen as a locomotive in the July derby in New Jersey (3-7), after a campaign plagued with muscle problems.

The 18-19 course was not easy for Diego Costa. Of the 51 games that Atleti played, the forward was down 23 (45%). The retahíla began in October, with a thigh injury that left him out of two games with the team and that call of the National Team. He returned, played two games and returned to punish another muscle ailment: three games low.

November came and foot discomfort complicated Costa. The pain was increasing and at the beginning of December we opted for the surgical operation. In total he lost another thirteen games. He reappeared in mid-February, in Vallecas, already with Morata in the squad. In his mind was the Champions League and, specifically, the tie against Juventus. He reached the first leg and gave a good performance despite the lack of filming, but he fell back, by penalty, but also suffered from some discomfort in the groin that left him out of two other league clashes. And April began with more muscle problems, in this case mild, which separated him only from Atlético-Girona.

The next meeting was the visit to Camp Nou and Costa lasted only 28 minutes. He was not injured, but was expelled. He lost eight penalty games, so, as there were seven, he did not play again throughout the season. Adding these seven to the previous 23, it turns out that he ended up losing 59% of the meetings.

In 2017-18, the first of this second stage, Costa did not debut until January for the FIFA sanction. Even so, he had time to play 23 games (more than in the next one, therefore) and only seven were lost due to minor injuries, one due to yellow accumulation and the other due to the sanction of his debut at the Metropolitan, with goal and expulsion for the card he saw in celebration.

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