The hex of Chapecoense continues three years later

The club consumed the descent yesterday, the families have not received the compensation and Alan Ruschel, one of the three survivors, was repudiated by the club

Today, the Chapecoense air tragedy that shocked the entire world is three years old. The plane in which the entire squad was traveling along with the coaching staff crashed shortly before reaching its destination Medellín, where the Brazilian club was going to play the final of the 2016 South American Cup against the National Athletic of Medellin. The cause of the incident is that the aircraft, flight 2933 of the LaMia company, had run out of fuel. He left 71 dead and six injured. From the Chapecoense squad 19 players died and only three were saved: Jakson Follmann, Neto and Alan Ruschel. A fourth survivor, Danilo, died in the hospital while he was operated on the very serious injuries suffered.

Three years later, the curse of the tragedy continues. The Brazilian team on Thursday consumed its descent to the Second Division of Brazilian football, in its field and against Botafogo, thanks to Rhuan's goal in 52 '. It was in his stadium and before 3,500 followers. After the accident, on November 29, 2016, Chapecoense was the winner of the South American Cup, but the team had to rebuild from scratch. Under Vánner Mancini, from EC Vitoria, more than 20 players were hired between players of the subsidiary and assignments of the Brazilian First Division. He enrolled two of the three surviving soccer players, Neto and Alan Ruschel. The third, goalkeeper Jakson Follman, had to retire, since he had to amputate his right leg.

Ruschel ended up ignored and repudiated

Alan Ruschel doubted he would walk again, but he recovered against all odds and returned to play on the team until this summer the player himself announced his transfer to Goiás without the support of the club. He left after a strange period of the club and through the back door, while Neto has lived the descent.

The descent is the last setback for Chapecoense, but not the only one. The families of the survivors have been facing tough and costly legal proceedings for years in order to collect the compensation they still do not receive.

Three years after the accident, the next of kin of the victims continue without receiving the insurance value of the aircraft. Aon was the insurance company for the wrecked flight, but refused to pay compensation claiming that the airline did not pay the insurance. However, the lawyers of the affected families assure that there was no communication about the breach of the policy to the local authorities, since this circumstance would have suspended the flight. Now, the claim for compensation is in the Federal Court of Brazil. For this, the Brazilian Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing in August, which was attended by the association of relatives of the victims and Neto, one of the survivors, among others.

Unpaid millionaire compensation

Aircraft insurance amounted to 25 million dollars (22 million euros). However, the lawyers of the victims say that the value rose to 300 million (272 million euros), as the risk was substantially increased and, consequently, the policy for transporting high-level athletes.

After Aon's refusal to pay the policy, two other Tokyo Marine Kiln companies, based in Japan, and the Bolivian Bisa, which are part of a humanitarian fund, offered a transfer to the families of the victims of 935,000 Brazilian reais ( 202,703 euros). In return, the beneficiaries would have to give up the demands. In total, 23 families accepted the agreement. And 48, no. Protests for the collection of compensation have followed. It is estimated that the amounts owed by insurers are between 4 and 5 million dollars (3.63 and 4.54 million euros) per family.

In addition, the sports journalist, Rafael Henzel, who survived the accident died in March of a heart attack while playing football. Three years after the accident, the Chapecoense hex continues. The most recent one culminated yesterday with the descent of the team, just on the eve of the third anniversary of the incident that shocked the world.

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