The Grizzlies pay for Luka Doncic's broken plates (24 + 14 + 8)

After his disgust for the triple final failed against the Knicks, the base leads a solvent win of some Mavericks that are 4-0 outside Dallas.

The bad thing about the NBA is that it has so many matches and so compressed that anyone can give you a dislike of order. The good thing is that you can forget it in a matter of hours, as soon as the next one arrives. The Mavericks failed spectacularly on their track against the Knicks in which it was a duel with the morbidity of seeing Kristaps Porzingis against his ex (one of the worst teams in the NBA ... again). In less than 24 hours they were able to redeem themselves before the Grizzlies (122-138), another one of those at the bottom of the league and who played without Ja Morant for that of the vaunted load management, breaks to take care of the odometer from which the rookies are not spared (some, at least) .

After losing on their track against the Lakers agonizingly and in extra time, the Mavericks had a week to make 4-0 (Cavaliers, Magic, Knicks, Grizzlies) but they stayed at 3-1 for the skating against New Yorkers . In total they are 6-3 with (for now the opposite pattern to last season) 4-0 out of Dallas, a fort that passes tomorrow test at the Boston Garden, against the best team (for now from the East). And then with the rematch against the Knicks, at Madison. They are, with East Tennessee, three mini tour games with almost 6,000 kilometers to go. That's why, and for being the second course of the first back to back of the season for them, the Mavericks gave Porzingis a rest.

The win against the Grizzlies was not scandalous but of course, managed from the second quarter and led by a Luka Doncic who took off, meanwhile, the bad taste of the last triple failed a night before, with the match on the wire . The Slovenian scored 14 points in the third quarter to take the game to a 91-104 that no longer needed his presence in the last quarter. He stayed below the 30-minute barrier and therefore did not reach his fifth triple-double of the season: 24 points, 14 rebounds, 8 assists, only 2 losses, 9/16 in shots, 2/8 in triples. In the first quarter, with the Mavs still in tow because they didn't start defending, he finished in 10 + 7 + 5.

In the season, Doncic averages 28.1 points, 10.4 rebounds and 9.3 assists. Only in the five games he has played in November do those numbers jump to 31.3 + 12 + 11.8. And they speak for themselves. The night, finally placid, gave room for the showdown of Seth Curry (16 points) and a second unit criticized after the defeat against the Knicks: Hardaway, Jackson, Powell, Brunson, Wright ... A good choral effort against Grizzlies still more limited than normal without Morant and without his other promising rookie, Brandon Clarke. Sophomore Jaren Jackson Jr scored 24 points and Jae Crowder, 18. The bears are now 2-7. It is a year of reconstruction.

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