The goodbye of a great champion

The dream of the 'dream team' in Honda resulted in a nightmare that ends with a withdrawal announcement that doesn't surprise anyone, because it was no longer him.

I'm not a great driver, I'm a great champion, he's wearing Jorge Lorenzo in his helmet, and it's true. It is true far beyond this horrific 2019 season, the only one with Honda in MotoGP, the same in which it has not been able to finish once in the top ten. And Lorenzo is one of the best drivers in the history of this sport, for winners (five times world champion, three MotoGP and two 250cc) and for the rivals he was able to overcome. To understand even better who is and what the Mallorcan has meant in this sport, note that he is the owner of the only title that has escaped Marc Márquez since he is in the queen class, in 2015. Only the son of María Guerrero and Chicho Lorenzo was able to leave once champion with the cannibal already on the grid.

This 32-year-old man arrived at the World Cup as a 15-year-old boy. In fact, he missed the first day of training at his debut GP in Jerez 2002 for still having 14 years, from Derbi. He had been trained since childhood to one day be world champion, with life and Spartan method, and he achieved it while already in 250cc, at the handlebars of an Aprilia with which he took the titles of 2006 and 2007. Before, in 125cc, he He had won the qualifier of Outside, by his past outside Stoner and Pedrosa way of his first victory in Rio de Janeiro. The Mallorcan was a diamond in the rough for a long time, and between the conquest of his first crown and the second he had already signed his jump to the queen class with Yamaha, to be neither more nor less than the companion of a Rossi who never gave him nothing ...

The Doctor came to put a wall in the box between the two to perfectly differentiate the work plots of each and, far from shrinking, the future champion went to more in each race since his arrival in 2008. He left the seal as soon as he arrived, with pole and podium in the inaugural race, the one in Qatar, and he only needed three races to get his first MotoGP victory. It was in Estoril (Portugal), getting rid of Rossi and Pedrosa, who was for many years his great enemy, on and off the track. So bad was the relationship between the two that even King Juan Carlos once asked them as he put their hands together to get along. None paid much attention to him at that time, but over time he limited his roughness and ended up having a cordial and respectful relationship.

Lorenzo's first MotoGP title came in 2010, the third attempt and after taking Rossi to the limit several times in 2009. In 2012 he won the second and his main rival was Pedrosa, with Stoner on the verge of withdrawal and Rossi punishing with The Ducati And the third, that of 2015, was the year in which the war broke out between Márquez and Rossi, from which he benefited greatly.

Because of sharing space with Rossi at Yamaha, he opted to sign for Ducati for the 2017 and 2018 seasons, starring in the most expensive movement in the history of this sport, with a 12.5 million per season backlash. In addition to the economic factor, he was driven to take the challenge with the history of trying to win with Ducati. He did not get it during the first season, but in the second, and when the house of Borgo Panigale had informed him that he would not renew, he definitely took the point to Desmosedici and won in Mugello and Montmeló consecutively, plus a third time in Austria

He was about to return to Yamaha, with the satellite equipment and the motorcycle that Fabio Quartararo finally inherited, but the possibility of going to the official Honda box arose and that was something he could not refuse. In fact, being a Repsol Honda rider was his dream as a child and we all rated the tandem he would form with Márquez for 2019 and 2020 as a dream team. However, over time, the dream resulted in a nightmare that ends with a withdrawal announcement that does not surprise anyone, because he had stopped being him, that pilot as fine as fast, with a step by devilish curve and a force hurricane that led him to measure himself and beat, with the same weapons, the best Rossi, but also the Stoner, Pedrosa, Dovizioso and even Márquez himself.

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