The FEF presents two letters of opposition from Madrid and Barça to play in Miami

If Villarreal-Atlético is played in Miami, it will be decided in hours or days, at most. LaLiga and the Federation saw their faces in the 12th Commercial Court.


The Federation contributed its version claiming that LaLiga "does not have sports competitions, only commercial ones about the competition". "They are the organizer, but in the sporting aspect the competition falls to the FEF, theirs are zero," said the lawyer of the federation, Tomás González Cueto.

LaLiga, meanwhile, alleged a "repeated obstacle." "He has a repeated and systematic refusal. He wants to be the only provider of Spanish football. He tries to protect his exclusivity and hinders the international positioning of the competition," added María José López, the employer's lawyer. Although from the federation they indicate that they do not compete "in the same market as LaLiga". "We have not had any offer from any American company to take the Super Cup. We will not take it now or in the next few years. On the accusation on the part of the employer's side of trying to reach an agreement with Relevent to bring the Spanish Super Cup to the United States, Tomás González Cueto said that company only contacted once and was with the intention of deceiving them. They wanted to organize the Super Cup, but they also wanted to include the celebration of a LaLiga match there. "We asked LaLiga five times to market the Copa del Rey. Who do you think we prefer to win three million to 21? The RFEF loses a lot of money by marketing," said the federal lawyer as he replies that they want to block the expansion of Spanish football.

The RFEF defense focused its intervention of more than an hour in the international and national regulations: "The Federation opposes the whim of LaLiga to take the game to Miami against the FIFA international regulations. In addition, LaLiga is not entitled to ask for this precaution. Only clubs can request to play outside. The organizer has to be Villarrael, who is the local, not a company. " "They have not presented us with any contract. We do not know if the stadium has the right conditions, if there is an evacuation system or if it meets the necessary requirements stipulated in the regulations," said Tomás González Cueto. He continued claiming that Villarreal should have warned that he would play at home outside his stadium before the start of the league: "Clubs have the obligation to communicate fifteen days before LaLiga starts in which fields they will play and must be inspected "he added.

The employer's lawyer also indicated that the Federation is taking competitions outside the national sphere, as is the case with the Super Cup. "The references to the Super Cup don't make sense. They are neutral parties," replied the RFEF lawyer. The Federation announced that it will present a letter from Madrid and Barcelona showing its frontal opposition to the party taking place in Miami. LaLiga on the other hand claimed that they were invalid. "Modifying the competition affects the integrity and purity of it. Madrid and Barcelona seem to be clear," said the RFEF lawyer.

Tomás González Cueto also accused LaLiga of "creating an artificial need". "Why don't you wait for him to be right in the trial to play in Miami without having to ask for caution. LaLiga has created an artificial need to play there. If granted, we can have one every week when he reaches agreements with China or India, as has happened with Relevent, "he said.

In addition, from the Federation point out the consequences that may have to be played in Miami for Spain: "The consequences can be devastating for a country that wants to organize a World Cup. It would be about 50 million euros."

Finally, both parties wanted to provide witnesses, but the judge rejected it. He considered that it would not help to make the decision to grant or not the quarter and he understood that both parties wanted to address the merits of the matter, which will take place on February 14. Now it's time to wait for the judge's decision to know if on November 6 the game will be played in Miami or Vila-Real.

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