The dissimulation strategy

Barça survives thanks to the goals at the stopped ball. The last five goals of Valverde have been the result of the strategy.

The poorest Barça of recent years won in Leganés by pure contradiction. A team that since the time of Cruyff has almost systematically neglected the strategy, is surviving LaLiga clinging to the plays with the ball stopped. If against Celta it was Messi who saved the team with two foul goals and Busquets scored in a second play after a corner kick, in Butarque it was Suarez with a shot in a side foul without apparent danger from Messi; and Vidal with a miraculous appearance after the carambola in a corner, those who turned the game. In total, the last five Barca goals in LaLiga have been the ball stopped.

Success in the stopped moves has a point in favor of Barça. The dressing room, despite some gestures of frustration in the first part, still wants. It was the will that led to the triumph of Barça almost pushed in Leganés. The strategy, however, cannot hide a crisis in the game that begins to be structural.

Beyond the casualties, the team has presented similar symptoms and almost every game away from home this year: Bilbao, Granada, Pamplona, Dortmund, Levante, Prague…. For starters, Barça has become a somewhat doughy team. The ball circulates too slowly. Only De Jong seems like a player with energy and activity. Busquets again showed cracks in the middle and in general football in the engine room was slow. The pace of the game is excessively low and the returns after the losses are slow. To that we must add the slowness in defensive transitions. En-Nesyri punished her with the 1-0. That same aspect was punished in Levante, plus the inability to leave high pressures.

Al Barça also has trouble producing football from the sides. That allows teams to close. The conditions for putting together a game in Leganés were not the best, but the team lacks some joy. Only the inertia and professional decency of guys like Suárez and Vidal kept him this Saturday. Valverde and his locker room not only owe the ball its position in LaLiga. Also in the Champions

A half-goal between Luis Suarez and Olayinka saved Barça in Prague. When he was worse after 1-1, a foul taken by Messi, again in connection with the Uruguayan, put out the fire. If not for that goal, the future of Barça in Europe would be today between a rock and a hard place. It is easy to see that this scenario invites us to look at the situation with the glass half full or half empty. Barça can take this favorable wind in the strategy to complement it with the recovery in position, touch, pressure and recovery football. If you hold on to these types of actions to continue at the top, the fall is near

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