The defense was the best attack

Madrid wins a brave game in Vitoria with goals from Ramos and Carvajal. Great game of Isco, again headline. The Alavés fought until the end for a point. Bale, nonexistent.


It was an extreme match and it was won by Madrid, which is silk and corduroy since the atonement of Mallorca. There was little luxury and a lot of work in the duel, at the proposal of Alavés, and a good response from the Zidane team, except for Bale, who threw away his ownership. It is impossible to put your hand in the fire for him. Among the most notable adhesions to this magnificent version of the team was that of Isco, the fantasy at the service of the group.

The match was what was said in the catalog, an example of the north face of LaLiga, one of those cold, rainy, hard, pasty and endless matches that are often served in that part of the country. In that environment the Alavés moves well, a team that tries to have little news in its area preventing the party from getting there. A team without ornaments and without fissures, protected by an accordion operation by which it narrows in 30 meters without the ball and quickly lengthens before the fateful loss of the rival.

Zidane's countermeasure was to grab the game since possession. That is why he joined Kroos, Modric and Isco, the historical and artistic team of the squad, at the cost of losing Valverde, the player who has changed the team's metabolism. He repeated the 4-4-2 that is coming with Bale as a couple of Benzema and Areola in the goal. Zidane understood that the tables of the Welshman were suitable for such a match and that it is better to give him the air outside the Bernabéu. On the bench he left Rodrygo and Vinicius, who at this time already know that there are no shortcuts in football.

The duel between the sword and the shield began with a mess. Aleix Vidal took the diagonal until he reached the Areola area until he ran into Militao. Cuadra appreciated the pool and admonished the Catalan. Munuera, from the VAR, had to see the contact but, incredibly, he did not recommend the monitor to his partner. The slow motion also does not guarantee fair trials. The penalty was in limbo.

The final onslaught of Alavés

Later, the game was Madrid in moderation. He sent the wise hand of Isco, who is completing his rehabilitation, did not suffer, saw how Ximo Navarro crashed a ball in the stick of his own goal and approached the goal with three distant shots, two from Isco and one from Casemiro. Of the strikers there was hardly any news. Benzema left the area to tear himself away from that concrete mixer and Bale played without emotion, a constant in his career, which has led him to collect more 'haters' than 'followers'. He was a tourist in Mendizorroza. It could be said that a stirrer and the glitter of the meetings against Eibar and PSG were missing, examples of the sumptuous Madrid that began to be guessed. Nor was the adversary for the work: he fought in each ball, interrupted the game, reduced the useful space to zero. In attack, however, he was dumb until the break.

The second part brought the flood and a goal from Madrid, manufactured in the only possible way, with a standing ball, in perfect combination between the velvety boot of Kroos and the executing head of Ramos. A bit of strategy against a team that owes almost half of the points to it. The Alavés reacted to the tremendous one and Madrid protected themselves well until the dark side of the Ramos appeared, that committed an unnecessary penalty on Joselu, turned left-handed by Lucas Pérez. A goal that would have killed Madrid in September and that did not detract from that of November. The arreón, that arrived with Rodrygo already in the field, explains it well that the goal was put by Carvajal, in position of nine, after auction of Isco, also in functions of ram, who rejected Pacheco and the stick. The Alavés still had a second impulse, with six corners at the end, that Madrid, at its worst, barely endured. Matches like this are remembered as keys in the adjustment of accounts at the end of the competition. It was, in short, the triumph of fortitude one day before Atlético-Barça, where the Zidane team can only win.

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