The Court of Cassation will rule on the 25th on the sex tape of Valbuena

The French midfielder hopes to obtain a favorable verdict to try to impute Benzema for extortion.


The soap opera between Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena has not yet come to an end. After four years in which both players have defended different legal claims, as AS has learned, the Court of Cassation will rule on the validity of the sex tape that Valbuena has handed over to the judicial body.

Since the Prosecutor's Office accused Karim Benzema of the possible perpetrator of an extortion offense to his former partner Mathieu Valbuena in 2015, the French forward has been court by court alleging that he was innocent of the alleged crime. Benzema always defended that he only advised Valbuena not to blackmail him, and never as an agent who wanted his own benefit. In fact, the forward has filed a request for dismissal due to lack of evidence that could be key to ending the judicial process.

While Valbuena awaits the verdict of the Court of Cassation, Benzema awaits the pronouncement of the Supreme Court so that his innocence is ruled after four years of Calvary. Although there is still no date for the verdict of the highest court instance in France, this could occur before the end of the year as they say in the country Gallo.

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