The comeback Tenerife breaks the illusion of a declining Betis

Betis reached the final minutes ahead, but the shots of Salin and Yusta and the direction of Marcelinho Huertas were able to with the bhetic desire.

Sasu Salin, accompanied by his squire Santi Yusta, led the final reaction of Iberostar Tenerife today to Coosur Real Betis (94-89), a duel that was decided in a last quarter in which there was everything, maximum difference of the Andalusian team (59-69) and an 8-0 run for the canarists who ended up winning the clash.

Vital duel for both teams, but it seems that the Tenerife team needs to meet the rope around the neck to reactivate. Once again it happened today and Sasu Salin had to intervene, absent most of the crash, to score two consecutive triples to put his team back in the game. Next to him, the dark work of Santi Yusta and then the rest of the team that made the victory stay at home and thus remain in the top positions of the classification.

The Iberostar Tenerife, led by Gio Shermadini and Dani Díez, began to dominate the game, but before a Coosur Betis who never lost control of the mimso and knew, based on a good defensive work, stay in the clash and not allow his rival will take clear advantages

The Andalusian team was ahead after a triple scored by former Canarian Tobias Borg, but again the Tenerife took control of the game and the scoreboard, always acting with his inner game that is what was giving him the most benefit, except Isolated actions of Yusta.

The dynamics of the game in the second quarter did not change and Iberostar Tenerife failed to take definitive control of the crash. The Betics also played well with their inner game and that led them to stay even in the game.

A triple of Huertas two minutes after finishing the second quarter would be the maximum advantage for the canaristas (39-32), which in the end was 3 (40-37) at the break.

After the exit of costumes a change in the local game was expected, but it was not so, and it was the Andalusian team who was more successful with a very intense Whitington and a very intense Tobias Borg. Real Betis went to nine points (55-64 and ten (59-69) at the beginning of the last quarter.

It seemed that, as on other occasions, the "alarm" was activated in the lacuna box and began to play a better defensive game and in turn with greater success in attack. With 63-71 (min. 32) Sasu Salin appeared who with two consecutive triples put his team 69-73.

Yusta contributed for 71-73 in a period of the game in which Coosur Betis "disconnected" from the game and the bench found no solution to regain leadership, especially when six minutes before the game dominated him by ten points and a "touched" rival .

In the last minutes of the game, Iberostar Tenerife was already grown, but above all, he had patience to be able to play with success the final minutes where the good direction of Huertas, the inner power of Shermadini and the success, again, of Yusta and Salin.

With three points up and with five seconds remaining, Conger had the opportunity to tie the clash, but failed to throw three. In the end, 94-89 an important triumph for those of Txus Vidorreta.

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