The club project walks slowly but steadily

Real Valladolid works on the purchase of the stadium and the construction of the sports city in parallel to renovations

Real Valladolid continues to work on solidifying its foundations, although the process is less agile than its managers would like. "The bureaucracy tends to slow things down," acknowledges David Espinar, chairman of the presidency cabinet, notwithstanding that work is being done for the good of the club.

The entity is waiting for the City Council to respond to the counter proposal made for the purchase of the stadium, which included the ownership of the land to that of the infrastructure. "We are waiting to be contacted again to continue talking. It is very good that two entities of this size and importance have good relations, as is the case," recalls Espinar.

Along the same lines, work is being carried out "with the will to begin to rebuild the sports city and build the new one as soon as possible", although Real Valladolid is "pending the usual processes" and proper to a public concession such as that of the land that the City Council has offered in Pinar de Jalón. Ronaldo's intention was to start the works before the end of the year, as he said. "We are late. We want it to be solved as soon as possible," says its chairman of the presidential cabinet.

Two renovations and a team in Portugal

On the sports plane, the renovation of Sergio González is "very well channeled", as is already known. Bureaucratic details of the club that Espinar defines of little "importance" have prevented his signature from still being stamped, although it is expected that there is no "long wait" before the final announcement.

One of the following to undertake should be that of Miguel Ángel Gómez, with whom the president "spoke a few weeks ago." "With solidarity criteria, he preferred that we first solve the coach's and some pending issues with players. The club has expressed many times that he will continue to count on them as pillars for his project," adds Espinar.

Further away seems the possibility that Ronaldo acquires another club in Portugal. The idea belongs to "his will to grow" and to be done by Real Valladolid. "The Portuguese league is structured in a different way to the Spanish. It would be a good experience, but without losing sight of the fact that the core of the project is Real Valladolid," says the chairman of the presidency cabinet.

Monument in honor of the fans

David Espinar represented the club in the presentation at the City Hall of the monument that will honor the fans, which is estimated to be placed in the summer of 2020 outside the south of the stadium. The creation of Cristóbal Gabarrón is called 'The embrace of the fans' and will be built on 7,000 tiles that fans can buy to stamp their name or a message.

"The players pass but the fan is always there, he is the one who never fails his team. The fans deserve a monument, not just one, but something spectacular," said José Antonio Pérez, president of the Peñas Federation, promoter of the creation, which will consist of seven amateur sculptures and a large sphere, and that will represent the fans' own values such as passion, pride and loyalty.

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