The Clippers also fall on Paul George's return to the track

The Clippers lose their fifth game of the twelve disputed. There was Kawhi, reserved, but a George whose debut was bittersweet.

The Clippers are recovering troops, but they are not seen as a joint team today. They started sitting chair before Lakers and Warriors, but little else. The Pelicans, with a horrendous start, passed over them: 132-127.

Two intermediate rooms traced, 24-38 and 38-24, left everything to the end. The locals, not because of the effect of the public but because of the pride of looking good before one of the candidates for the Ring, put a brake on the rush of the Rivers and made them fall for the second night in a row after the defeat in Houston.

Jrue Holiday was the best of the match with 36 points, 7 assists and 6 steals. He leaned on the outside in Frank Jackson (23 points) and inside on Derrick Favors (20 points). The Pels won the fight by the rebound by fifteen, 52 to 37.

Paul George came back and did it with a great performance, with 33 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists, but with a loss as well. They were also sober Lou Williams (31 + 9), Rodney McGruder (20 points) and Montrezl Harrell (18 + 7 + 6).

It's just the second game that New Orleans wins at home.

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