The best Muniain asks step as a midfielder in Athletic

The forward moved freely against Espanyol and the result was a double and prominence in the third goal. The experiment with Raúl García of 'nine' was a success.

The problem of the midpoint has been a crossword puzzle in Bilbao since 2014, when Herrera gave her bags to Manchester United, five minutes after swearing eternal love to Athletic. Valverde wanted to solve it with an artifice called Beñat, which was very short the field from there. The witness Muniain took it, but between the injuries and the arrival of Raúl García the debate began: how to fit both pieces? The solution was to send Iker to the left and sometimes to the right, where he has been unproductive. On Wednesday Garitano lit the light bulb: return the captain to that area after nine, with absolute freedom of movement, and put the excolchonero as a false battering ram, so that Williams returned to the side, a mission that already had almost Forgotten With Muniain through and their associations with Unai López, the game is enriched that gives pleasure. And that that by the wings neither Iñaki nor Córdoba (who heard pitos), were very there.

The result could not be better: Muniain, who was almost dry this year (he scored a goal to Alavés that was actually a rivet of a ball that went inside) made a double and participated in the third goal, in Víctor Gómez's own door . He asked the colleague, Martínez Munuera, roguely. He signed his third double in Athletic after those of Celta (Cup) in 2013 and Las Palmas (League) in April 2017. He has already scored 37 teams and left Guerrero and Urzaiz (36) behind, only Aduriz beat him, 48; Sarabia, 40; Llorente, 40; Uriarte, 39; Dani, 39; and Etxebe, 39. He has not been a specialist in the art of scoring: he has 57 goals in 396 games.

In addition to seeing the light Muniain, the dire streak of unproductiveness in the corners broke. The lions did not score in the League in a play initiated with a corner kick since Nolaskoain did, 47 days ago. A short clearance of Espanyol served the Navarrese to cross the ball. See La Roja closer: “We are there fighting to return; Last season I went to a call. ”

On his side, Aduriz continues to play day after day. Only the sixth has been lost, but it has never gone beyond 33 minutes of the fateful day of Mallorca. In 10 games it takes 146 minutes and two yellow. In recent years they have not given him the option of finishing off goal. He has a goal, that prodigious Chilean against Barça at Capa's pass. His 400 matches make him one of Urrutia and two of Dani and Carmelo.

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