The average of Aguirre in Zaragoza and Espanyol would save the Leganés

The Mexican has 26 games to rescue the pickles. With hands (27 games) and parakeets (25 games) he achieved 1.4 points per day. Applied to the Lega, it would reach 41 points at the end of the course.

The Leganés lives close to the calculator. Pickles make numbers to dream of a salvation that, statistics say, is almost impossible. No team has managed to remain in Primera with only 5 points harvested at this point in the League. An ideal challenge for Javier Aguirre, his new coach, miracle specialist and maker of two not long ago in Spain. The Mexican rescued Zaragoza (2011) and Espanyol (2013) in very complicated scenarios. Moreover, the results achieved in both stages could serve the Leganés to continue one more year among the best.

In Zaragoza it was done with the controls of the ship tomorrow on the 12th day of 2010-2011, when the blanquillos were last with seven points, two more than the five that the Leganés now has on the same dates. In the 27 games he directed (one more than the 26 that could lead this course to Lega) he added 38 points, at an average of 1.4 points per game.

In the case of Espanyol, Aguirre began directing the parakeets on day 14 (one after the 13th in which he will start with Leganés) when they were last with 9 points. In those 25 games he scored 35 points, that is, an average of 1.4 points per game, too.

If he kept both socks with the pickles, he would reach 41 points at the end of the championship. With this balance the logic says, the Leganés would have very high options to save the category. Moreover, those 41 points would have served to prevent the decline in seven of the last ten seasons in First.

Both deeds are not the only successes that appear in the extensive Aguirre curriculum in Spain. In his 355 games in Primera (he is one of the 25 coaches with more twists in the competition) he also managed to qualify for Osasuna for the previous phase of the Champions League. He did it in 2006. Two years later, he also had the honor of being the first coach of Atlético who put the mattresses in the Champions League since his last participation in 1997.

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