Suárez contradicts Piqué: "We were oblivious to the Neymar case"

The Uruguayan admits in Sport the special character of Barça's wardrobe: "The mentality of someone is that with a scream you don't earn anything. I think sometimes a scream makes you wake up."

Luis Suarez granted an interview to Sport in which he leaves several interesting headlines. To start, he unchecks Piqué and warns that there are things that the plant says to be taken with tweezers. He also makes an interesting analysis of the mentality of Barça's costumes. "We may have sinned good guys," he admits. He also insists that the relationship with Griezmann is good and that it is still seen at Barça next season. This is an excerpt by topics of the interview published by Sport.

Piqué and the Neymar case: "What Geri speaks sometimes you have to take everything with tweezers. He has a lot of work and a lot of experience in making statements. In this case he knows and is aware that the players were totally out in the case of ' Ney '. We were willing to welcome him or any player who wants to come, but always oblivious to the case. "

Griezmann: [The reception] is spectacular, sometimes things are misunderstood. Both Leo and I and Geri himself welcomed him a year earlier, said he was a great player and was one of the best in the world. He came from being world champion and we already praised him for the kind of player he is. Then we didn't know what was going to happen to him, we weren't sure he was coming this year. We treat him as one more. It is also true that some have more affinity with some partners than with others; in his case he gets along very well with the French. With us sometimes drink mate, that does not mean that you get better or worse. Some said that if you talk more or less with Leo, but with Leo, as with all colleagues, it is sometimes difficult to explain when you want to make yourself understood. He gets along very well with everyone and is very well integrated, the way we expected from him "

The character of the players in Barça: "Everyone has their own way of being. You have to adapt to what each club, partner or selection is. In the case of the Uruguay national team, we talk a lot and constantly motivate ourselves. Barcelona did not talk so much. When I arrived I saw that they were used to another type of concentration before the games and they have always won everything being like this. You cannot change these things. It is complicated. The mentality of some is that with a shout no you win nothing. I think sometimes a shout makes you wake up. We may have sinned good, but it is the custom, the way of being of the players. No, not at all, but, although I am the age I am, I I prohibit with certain things. Talking to a partner makes me shy. I think I'm going to shout at a partner to wake up, but I'll stay like the bad guy. You have to get used to and adapt to the way of being.

Your future: "I have a contract until 2021, with an option to 2022. I feel very happy, very happy here. I feel that in the club they value me a lot, although sometimes they want to misunderstand things. They value the effort I make in each moment, that I always give my all to the club, I am in the best team in the world, where I always wanted to play, the family is very happy and I hope to spend more time in Barça, I look forward and qualified to fight for a put in Barcelona ".

In the Top-5 of the scorers: "I think the numbers speak for themselves. I have been through complicated moments and these compliments or statistics make one feel very proud. Whether you like it or not, like it or not, it will be marked in history of the club that I am the third top scorer. I feel very valued ".

Aspirations of the team: "The bar of Barcelona will always be very high. Nowadays it seems that if you do not aspire to the triplet, it is a bad year. In Barcelona, ten or twelve years before, winning a League was something spectacular. The bar We put the players of the last years or ourselves. We are aware that every season that begins we have the possibility of winning the triplet, but it is not easy. Last year for losing almost only one game in Liverpool, we throw the whole season by land because we only won the League. If we spent in Liverpool, we surely won the Cup and we had chances in the Champions League final. This year the ambition and the sensations are the same. We want to win everything. Barcelona demands it and more with these Players ".

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