StubHub and the Davis Cup team up to buy tickets

The platform acts as an official ticket sales channel, as well as an official and exclusive sales marketplace between fans of the tennis tournament being played in Madrid.


The Davis Cup by Rakuten Madrid Finals of 2019 is being played from yesterday, November 18, until next Sunday, 24 of this month, in the Magic Box of Madrid. For the first time, the 18 best countries in the world will compete for a whole week with the aim of raising the Davis Cup and becoming world champions.

The 18 teams are divided into six groups of three each, which are playing a first group stage. The first of each group and the two best seconds will qualify for the quarterfinals. Each cross between teams will consist of three matches: two singles and one doubles.

Key aspects of the union of the Davis Cup and StubHub

- The Davis Cup has launched a new format for the event, bringing together all the matches over a week and in one place. Therefore, StubHub is a strategic partner for Davis Cup due to its presence in more than 40 countries around the world and fits perfectly with the philosophy of Davis Cup in terms of international tournament. In addition, it adapts to the philosophy of the knockout tournament with its marketplace. StubHub is an official channel of official primary and exclusive sale and marketplace to buy and sell tickets securely in the currency and local language of each user.

- The qualifying tournaments show the importance of the tickets being transferable in a safe and official way: fans want to be able to sell or buy a ticket for a qualifying tournament on dates closer to the event or at the last minute. Thanks to this association, fans can sell their tickets if they are unable or unwilling to attend, ensuring seats are full and the atmosphere is not lost during the tournament. In 2018, approximately 40% of Stubhub's international users searched or bought tickets during the four days prior to the event. Around 25% of tickets sold in Stubhub for events in Spain were purchased 4 days before the event. And these transactions are carried out under a platform that offers guarantees and security to all users, thanks to the FanProtect guarantee of StubHub.

- Event tourism is experiencing a boom and global tennis events are also a universal growth engine: StubHub cross-border sales data for events that took place in Spain show a 52% increase between 2016 and 2018. So far this year, 65% of events sold in Stubhub that have taken place in Spain have been acquired by foreigners. According to data from the platform, in addition, since January 2017 until 2019, tennis events worldwide have experienced an increase in the demand for tickets of more than 30%. The interest among the Spanish public, on the other hand, has skyrocketed 70% more.Other relevant data of the Davis Cup Finals

1. Since January 2017, and until November 2019, tennis events worldwide have experienced an increase in the demand for tickets of more than 40% .

2. To date, the days that have sold the most tickets were for Monday, November 18, and today, Tuesday 19, with 30% of the total.

. As the crossings of the quarterfinals, semifinals and the grand final are defined, the demand will increase, especially for this last match, which currently represents 16% of the total.

4. 78% of purchases made at StubHub have been carried out by men.

5. 34% of buyers are between 34 and 45 years old.

6. The Spaniards have been the ones who bought the most tickets in the primary sale

7. 60% of purchases made in the marketplace have been made by foreign fans. In first position is Switzerland (44.5%) and then Spain (39%), Italy (8%), USA (3%) and Israel (2%). There are also purchases of fans from the United Kingdom, Finland, Belgium or Argentina.

Event tourism in Spain

1. So far this year, Spain is the third destination country for fans who buy tickets for events at StubHub, just behind the United Kingdom and the United States.

2. Transactions for events in Spain from fans from abroad increased by 52% between 2016 and 2018, according to StubHub.

. 65% of transactions registered with StubHub for events that took place in Spain in 2019 came from overseas followers.

4. From which countries did the fans who have visited Spain for events in 2019 come from? First, the United States; second, United Kingdom; third, Mexico; fourth, Brazil; fifth, Japan; sixth, South Korea; seventh, Canada; eighth, China; ninth, France; and tenth, Germany

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