Spain shines on the World Cup Thursday

Toni Guillén, Antonio Fraile, Dani Barón and Alberto Moya managed to qualify for their men's finals, while Vera Barón made the pass to the women's final.

The Spanish delegation that participates in the World Cycling World Championships in Chengdu has made a great performance on Thursday, putting several of its representatives in the finals of their respective modalities.

Toni Guillén and Antonio Fraile have gone to the junior final of 20 "after being second and third with 580 and 550 points respectively, only surpassed by the British Chalrie Rolls.

In junior category 26 ", Dani Barón also sealed his pass to the final after finishing third in the semifinals with 430 points, after German Oliver Widmann and Swiss Vito Gonzalez.

In the Flatland mode, Varo Hernández and Alberto Moya achieved their pass to the semifinals after finishing in eleventh and twelfth positions in this initial round. In the fight to access the final Moya if he achieved the pass to be sixth, while Varo Hernandez was fifteenth.

In the women's category Vera Barón achieved the pass to the final after being second in the semifinals, while Irene Caminos, 7th, and Alba Hidalgo, ninth, stayed very close to the grand final, from which they separated few points.

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