Sheriff: "Being a leader alone motivates me a lot"

The Real Sociedad coach is concerned about those who do not play because they will be the ones who allow him to have a good season. Confirm the withdrawal of Ødegaard.

Imanol Alguacil, coach of the Real, has appeared in Zubieta to analyze the visit of the Leganés to the 'Reale Arena' in the first game of this last day before the break for the commitments of the teams.

Lower of Ødegaard. “Martin does not arrive, he tried yesterday, he has discomfort in the limestone, he is training but inside and it will be impossible for him to reach the game against Leganés, so you have to be cautious and recover well. The idea is to stay here, in addition the player wants to stay in Zubieta and not go with Norway, but we must talk to his team and reach an agreement. ”

Options to replace. “I have said it from the beginning, there are many variants with different players, it is good and positive that everyone wants to play and that leads to being well classified and generating illusion. Let's see if I succeed in the eleven because it is a difficult game no matter how much it is the last classified and with enthusiasm because it is at home. I am happy but not euphoric. ”

Javier Aguirre debuts in Leganés. “The first respect, more if it fits people like Javier, who has done a lot and good. And humility, because I just started and in everything it will give me a thousand laps, wish you the best of luck from tomorrow's game ”.

Leganés colista. “What we have to be is happy and proud, but not at all euphoric. I am not, because having done the same we could have quietly have eight points less, and we would be four of the descent. And having done the same. And I understand that the same thing happens in Leganés, because they have worked even better than last year. It will be just as complicated as much as the colist comes. We must seize this good moment, but Leganés has a lot of potential. ”

Solo leader. “It motivates me a lot, you can't imagine it. We have to enjoy this, because we don't know if we can fight again for that. But what I am most satisfied with is the day-to-day work, which is amazing and makes the fan want to go to Anoeta. Classification must be a consequence of work and everything we do makes us dream of being first even for a few hours. ”

The least common. “There is one thing that I don't stop thinking about, and it is in the players that are not playing. That is what worries me, because they are the ones that will allow us to be up. I do not stop working so that these players are well, because we will need them. And I hope that when they play we can continue to give the same level. If the headlines will not accept this we would have a problem. And today they are all behaving in a great way. ”

Example of Januzaj in Granada. "You are right. But don't forget Luca Sangalli who played and did very well. Do not forget either Guevara, or Isak, or Gorosabel. Let's see if we are able to give continuity because now little time has passed. That's why I say I have a great job with those players. ”

“Beyond the punctual error, which is part of football, I am seeing him well. It is like when a forward fails in front of the goal and is not signaled so much. ”

Incognita Leganés. “Of course it worries me but it is not the priority. I give more value to what we can do and be us. But for us it is a challenge because at the beginning we do not know what the Leganés approach and drawing will be. It is one more challenge that we have to assume and move forward with everyone. ”

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