Sevilla has a salary margin and free chips for January

The winter market aims to be moved again in Nervión both in the chapter of entrances as in that of exits in the staff of Lopetegui


In a month and a half the winter market will open its doors and in Nervión it is expected with caution before deciding how to proceed in it. For monetary purposes, the club still has margin in its salary limit despite the 13 players signed in summer, which must be added to Julen Lopetegui and his coaching staff. This is how José María Cruz, general director of the club, remembered him at an event at the University of Seville this week. But Cruz, despite being a man of numbers, also wanted to remember a sports key that depends on everything that can be done or not in January, and is nothing other than the fact that Sevilla has all the chips of the first equipment currently covered

However, while it is true that there are 25 members in Lopetegui's staff, it is also true that two of them have a subsidiary's number. These are the cases of Javi Díaz, third goalkeeper, and Bryan Gil. That is to say, Sevilla could register signings with any of the dorsals that are free, specifically 2 and 4, although it is deduced from Cruz's message that for some new face to enter, some exits should also be produced.

And that's where the Seville dilemma comes. The team needs a nine scorer, but the three strikers that Lopetegui has have been signed this summer, while in the defense the Basque is not left over precisely. On the other hand, there are several players, some signed also in summer, whose prominence has been scarce to date and to which they must obtain a return for the investment made. January aims to be movidito again in Nervión.

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