Sentence Kawhi and the Clippers steal the glory from Harden

The Beard stars in one of the plays of the season two minutes from the end, but from there the locals were better and came back.

It was the game of the day and did not disappoint anyone. Even the NBA pulled technology with a camera shot that reminded a video game in quite a few plays. The Staples up to the flag for the double duel between two of the best couples in the League. The cat was taken to the water Kawhi and George, but he could finish the thing in a different way. In the second half the Rockets were ahead many more minutes and in the absence of two seemed to have the game in hand. They won four and that is not a sufficient difference to be calm, but the play that had just happened was as if thunder fell in the middle of the pavilion.

James Harden got a tremendous triple with additional foul (he did not hit with the free kick) in an action with defense by Patrick Beverley and Paul George who in the attempt to block the launch both took him ahead, finishing all three lying on the ground . And from there La Barba pointed them one by one, first to the two defenders and then to the rest of the rivals, as if dedicating the barbarity he had just done. That was the time of the Rockets. From then on the Clippers demonstrated why they are the top candidate for the ring. An example of knowing how to be on the razor's edge with a supreme Kawhi Leonard, cold as the iceberg, as the best assassins, putting the final basket (the ninth to put his team ahead at the last minute of the game or the extension since the last season began in Toronto), stopping time for PJ Tucker to eat his own and launch alone.

Wonderful Kawhi and also wonderful Lou Williams with a triple from the corner just before to put his own ahead and crown a majestic encounter (26 points and 8 assists). Then the Rockets were able to win first, but this time Harden did not want to force the three-shot against double coverage and gave the ball to Westbrook, who threw a pretty bad triple despite being alone. And finally and almost without time, with possession to force the extension, Paul George (19 + 8 + 7) deflected the ball that the opponent took out of the band to make the last visitors attempt impossible. Tremendous encounter between two sets that are going to go far and, who knows, maybe the faces will be seen in the playoffs.

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