Rubi, to resist in Palma

Mallorca only knows how to score this League in Son Moix. The exotic Salva Sevilla is the one who channels the whole vermilion game. In Betis, everything will be entrusted to Fekir and Canales.


Day of confirmations. Both Betis and Mallorca need to continue adding because the area of descent burns. The vermilion team returns to a Son Moix that is giving all possible wings to avoid falling on the board and Rubi is obliged not to fail because his position still hangs by a thread. The agonizing triumph of last day against Valencia has given him some momentum and confidence, but a setback in Palma would leave him on the wire again. He doesn't hide that all his movements are watching him with a magnifying glass (follow the match live on .

Mallorca is taking to the extreme that permanence in First is assured at home and Vicente Moreno returns to his garden. The 14 points that have been harvested to date, all have added them in Son Moix. At home, the vermilion team does not carbure (it has lost the six games played), but it is dangerous at home. This has been confirmed by teams like Espanyol and Real Madrid, who have knee deep. The week in Palma has been full of good news because Lago Junior and Budimir would be ready to compete (they will be headlines) and 'Cucho' Hernández could debut now. Until the last moment it is expected that the OK of the Watford doctors arrives to be able to align the forward. Of course, except capital surprise would not be the owner. Pulling the car from the beginning will be a thing of Dani Rodríguez, Febas, Baba and the former Salva Sevilla, who is the channel of the entire vermilion game. It will be an afternoon full of memories for him. And Kubo? Aim for revulsive.

There is no time for distractions. Nor for Betis to recreate in the past because that would condemn Rubi. The coach hopes to continue afloat and finally live a placid duel. As for his team, very similar to last day. Barta returns, but he would not be the owner and everything will be guaranteed that Fekir offers its quality and Canales remains immersed in his fantastic week. Golazo Valencia and renewal. Everything to make Betis finally win.

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