Rookie Nunn stands out again in the absence of his nemesis, Young

Kendrick Nunn is one of the Miami Heat referents at the start of the season in which they already have four victories in five games.


The Heat is still in a state of grace. They have been placed in the head potions of the Eastern Conference (4-1) even though Jimmy Butler, his great acquisition last summer, is not as fine as he wanted: he has been a father recently, he has had to miss training and matches, he lacks cohesion with his teammates ... They don't worry in Miami because there's a solution. The one they are proposing at this start of the campaign and is responding to the wonders is called Kendrick Nunn.

He had to go through the torture machine to the Hawks and in his own house, the State Farm Arena. They do not have Trae Young for discomfort in an ankle, caused a few days ago, and the one who took advantage of it was a Nunn who precisely has a past history with the aforementioned. In his last days of university, he fought for the honor of being the top scorer of the season in Division I of the NCAA, something that Young achieved with 25.9 points being Nunn second in that category. Young delayed much of that, helped create more expectation about him and became number 5 of the 2018 Draft while Nunn was even left without being elected in either of the two rounds. It has not been tonight, therefore, a direct confrontation, but the controversial Chicago player has been taken as revenge. There were 28 points (10/15 in shots) that sat like stakes in the heart of a Trae Young that has had to stop when better numbers were getting.

Without their best shooter the Hawks suffered from being cute to be able to link triples. It was his worst facet. Defending John Collins were fajiendo, standing out for its spectacularity, and DeAndre 'Bembry, for its constancy. But so outstanding they went from Butler (that, despite the 2/10 in the pitches, finished with 9 rebounds, 11 assists and 6 steals) that they missed Nunn and Duncan Robinson, another rookie who started out as a starter and ended up contributing another 12 points.

Spoelstra does it again, squeezing the talent and making the scouts of the franchise good. Kendrick Nunn, G-League meat last season and expelled from the University of Illinois in his day, is above 20 points per game (22'4, the best record of a non-drafted since 1966). Good job.

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