Red Bull now sees Sainz as "the best of the rest"

The Austrian team has suffered to find a partner to Verstappen and now Horner recognizes for AS the good work of Madrid in McLaren.

Changing the pilot in the middle of the season and resorting to a rookie to occupy the third, sometimes second, better grill car, it is not a secret that in Red Bull there has been a headache this year to choose the partner of Verstappen From Pierre Gasly to Alex Albon, who a year ago was out of the 'energy' program and the pyramid towards F1 (signed with Nissan for Formula E), it is lawful to remember that Carlos Sainz belonged to the Austrian house until last year , although it was ceded in Renault, and it was decided to give the French a chance under expectations that were never fulfilled.

The praise of the Austrian house towards Sainz has not abounded since then, but in Brazil, with Albon just confirmed by 2020, AS asked the head of the team, Christian Horner, for the performance of his Spanish expilot this season, in which he runs seventh of the four-point classification of the second Red Bull. "I like to see Carlos in a good car this year and he is doing a very good job, he has driven really well. He is clearly being the best of the rest in that group that is after the first three teams and has had very solid races this year ".

When asked if at any time during the season they have regretted letting him go, the leader avoids responsibilities: "We chose to go different ways but we are proud to have given him the opportunity to reach Formula 1, and he has managed to use that opportunity to make his own career, even on another team. " Sainz is the driver with the most points in the history of Toro Rosso and left on loan to Renault at the end of 2017 after three seasons in the second team, something that Helmut Marko and company never saw with good eyes.

Max Verstappen, who was his partner in 2015 and part of 2016, also referred to Madrid in Interlagos, although he started talking about mechanics: "It is always difficult (value a pilot). If you look at 2018, Nico Hulkenberg also seemed huge against Carlos. Also I think the McLaren is not a bad car at all, without being at the level of the top three. And Lando Norris, although he learns fast, is still a rookie by his side. But of course, Carlos is a great pilot and he's fast. He's also a good guy and we laugh a lot together. "

On the current Albon-Gasly dispute, Horner talks about differences: "Daniel decided to go to Renault and that gave Alex the opportunity to return to a place in Toro Rosso. We could quickly see that there was talent, attitude and commitment, so we decided to promote him from the junior team to the senior. It was hard for Pierre to start the season with two accidents in the tests that affected his confidence, and it is also difficult to have Verstappen as a reference. It was a complicated first half of the season for him and we felt it was appropriate to place him in an environment with less pressure like Toro Rosso. And I think he has been driving very well since then, he seems happier now. " Sainz also smiles at McLaren and Albon just stopped doing so after the crash of the first free "quite expensive training" as the boss joked. So for now everyone is happy, they say, although the decisions in that garage are never final.

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