Reasons for the change of Madrid

From 3-0 in Paris to this current Madrid, 67 days have passed. Hazard is fine, Zidane discovered vitamins in Rodrygo and Valverde, an imperial Kroos ...

The Real Sociedad can attest that this Real Madrid is very similar to the one that was swept from the map by the PSG in the Parque de los Princes just 67 days ago. The 3-1 txuri-urdin team confirmed that the FIFA Virus did not comply with the Zidane team and that Eibar was serious. Madrid is launched and in the locker room that old song of Presumed Involved could sound. "How we have changed, how far it has been ...". The letter could be completed with a "that 3-0 in Paris". He returns to cross the French giant but Zidane has patched his team on five different fronts and becomes fearsome again ...

It tipped Hazard

The scale cannot discuss visual tests. After his confession in L'Équipe about summer overweight and assumed that the Belgian is a curvy star, Zidane has managed to start extracting that Hazard from Chelsea. Eden already dares. In fact, he is not only the one who does the most dribbling of the white team, he has done only two dribbles less than Messi (34 to 36) in 111 minutes in the League than the Barcelona star. He lacks the goal, but his intimidation against rival behind, can be witnessed by the realistic Zaldua, is increasingly evident.

A record Courtois

From Belgian to Belgian. One of the most remembered episodes of this Champions, in Real Madrid, will be the day that Courtois was indisposed against Bruges. Now the white keeper has a revalidation. In spite of the serious error of Ramos that supposed the 0-1 of the Real one, Courtois was enough to break the record of unbeatableness that Keylor had, the sixth best in the history of the white club. A symbolic detail, taking into account the footprint left by the tico, and how he left. Courtois reached 535 minutes. In Istanbul it was redone and now Mbappé, Neymar, Icardi, Cavani and Di María are the definitive test ... with Keylor in the front goal.

Kroos and Modric, reborn

At the most scoring and lethal Kroos joins a Modric that has risen from his ashes. In fact, the Croatian had never achieved two assists and a goal in the same match in the previous 312 meetings with the Real Madrid shirt. Kroos arrives at the PSG even rested, having rotated against the Real. What was once a problem, being able to form a reliable center of the field, has now become another, deciding who is left out ... If Zidane is anchored to 4-3-3, one of the Casemiro-Valverde-Kroos quartet -Modric, all of them in a peak form, will have to be stand-in. Blessed problem, Zizou will think.

'Vitamin Valverde and Rodrygo'

Zidane has rejuvenated the cardholder's postcard. Fede Valverde (21 years old) and Rodrygo (18 years old) are to blame. Hunger in the engine room and joy in the area of definition. Valverde is the perfect box-to-box that Zidane was looking for in Pogba, perfectly married to Casemiro and now shows one of his best weapons: the shot. The goals in Ipurua and Real take their facet less expected by the rival. One more point for El Pajarito. The goal, precisely, is what Rodrygo offers as standard, as was seen before Leganés and the hat-trick at Galatasaray. And it is in a cloud after its debut with Brazil. Right now, Rodrygo forces Bale to have to reconquer that position of the trident with Benzema and Hazard ...

Mendy, tireless colt

was one of the best against Real and is confirmed as a more than reliable alternative for the days when Zidane does not finish relying entirely on Marcelo's defensive skills. Or, even, to seriously fight the ownership of the Brazilian. Your physical ability is among the best in the workforce. The French side himself is seen as Marcelo's successor and for the moment before the Real dared to help more than usual in attack on Hazard. Their numbers were even better than those of Carvajal in the opposite band. They stole the same balls (three), but lost four less than the Leganese and his success in the passes was much better (91.7% by 82.1% of the Spanish international). Mendy gains strength.

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