Puig: “Álex Márquez's is an option that will be valued”

The main Repsol Honda team does not rule out the arrival of the Moto2 champion in the box and is glad that “Lorenzo has made the decision to retire convinced”.

Alberto Puig, Repsol Honda's main team, is satisfied with Lorenzo's step of retiring when this Valencia GP ends, and assures that he will value Álex Márquez's option as a replacement for the pentacampeón.

- Was Lorenzo's withdrawal the best solution for both parties?

- Unfortunately, the thing has not gone well for either. The truth is that both Jorge and Honda have tried everything. He has fallen testing everything, and Honda has given him everything he could knowing that we have a motorcycle that we cannot change. Whether it is the best or not, from a company point of view, Honda wants to have drivers ahead and it could not be. From a personal point of view, Jorge has made this decision because he has meditated a lot and is the right one for him. I'm glad you made this decision convinced. You must always respect the decision of the pilot.

- Have you been disappointed?

- Obviously, the results have not been, that I will not discover. But not only has he not disappointed me, but I've had a pleasant surprise with Jorge. I will not discover his level now, because he is a driver who has won five World Cups. Too bad we haven't had it at its best. But as a person, I have been very impressed, because it seems one thing and another. He is a great person, with a big heart. And that he has behaved like a true gentleman. From Honda we can only thank him for how he has handled the situation, and I personally have been very happy with how he has done it, the thanks he has had towards the team and Honda. I would fool you if I told you that I have no sorrow.

- From Honda is there a release with Lorenzo's decision?

- It is not a matter of liberation. I know the Japanese well and when they can't make a pilot succeed, the feeling at home is a bit of frustration, for not helping the pilot achieve his goals. Honda has always tried to give its riders the best. It is not a liberation, it is a reality, we have to accept that it has not worked. We would have liked it to be otherwise, but when circumstances came it was the best option.

- Is a free Honda left, is Alex Marquez an option?

- Álex Márquez must be valued as what he is, not by his last name. He is Moto2 world champion and that's why you have to look at him. There are more options, but Alex's, on its own merits, is an option that will be valued.

- What is the deadline to announce it?

- That doesn't worry me anything. The important thing now is Jorge's decision. And understand that the championship loses a great champion. In recent years, one of the pilots of an incredible generation is going home, and that is worrisome, because they are high level pilots. In a few years we have lost several, and if you look closely those pilots are not so replaceable. That is the issue not if in the test of Valencia or Jerez will be Bradl.

- Do you think it is Lorenzo's final decision?

- It is your decision, brave, and it is the right one. From there, how he finds himself he will know. If you have decided so we respect it. There are people who stop running on a motorcycle and do not want to know anything more about motorcycles, but others who still feel like it. I just hope he does whatever he finds, finds happiness.

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