Piqué: "I was more motivated to say Kevin Roldán than to win the Champions League"

The Barcelona player recalled some of his most famous 'bundles' and acknowledged that Kevin Roldán "had him ready since March."


Gerard Piqué went to "El Partidazo" of COPE and one of the most relaxed moments he had was when he remembered some of his 'liadas'. One they focused on was the message he sent to Real Madrid when he won the Champions League in 2013. "Kevin Roldán, everything started with you", shouted the Barcelona center from the Camp Nou lawn. Piqué acknowledged that he had thought everything since March ...

"How was it? Ah, Kevin Roldán, it all started with you. For the party ... That one had it saved since March. That one had it saved, but come on ... In the Champions League I was more motivated to say it later than to win the Champions League. I had that saved, I think the party was in January, "he said.

Piqué told an anecdote with Iker Casillas before the derby at Calderón, when four goals fell to Madrid. "That season I got everything. Also, on the night before I said to Iker:" Good luck tomorrow, I hope you get four. That you do not make any shit but that you get four. "And they fall 4-0. It was the dream. The next day I said:" Neither wanting ... "Nor did he answer me, he would be angry at the time," he said with naturalness.

Photos from as.com
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