Piqué: "We want Davis to be global, not just tennis"

The footballer appeared at the Summit organized by the Kosmos group, which he chairs and organizes the new format of the competition in association with the International Federation.


Three days after the new Davis Cup format started by the Gemos Piqué Kosmos group started in the Magic Box in association with the International Tennis Federation, the FC Barcelona footballer appeared at the Kosmos Sport Summit to break up the why of the idea and how it has been developed.

"We started three years ago with the project of making a tennis World Cup as well as in football. Davis was a very distributed competition throughout the year, difficult to follow. If they eliminated Spain, few Spanish followers remained attentive to the competition and, in fact, there are probably few people here who remember who the finalists were last year, "he said.

It is for this reason, precisely, why the Catalan considers this necessary face lift: "It made perfect sense to change the format. It will be much easier for fans from all over the world to follow the tournament. We have worked very hard, dedicating a lot of effort, to create a new event. Let's see a great show ".

As for the main sponsors of the initiative, two of them, the Japanese firm Rakuten, which have the naming of the competition, and the Football League, were present, the latter in the person of Javier Tebas, its president. "Speaking of the agreement with LaLiga and Rakuten, we want partners who are innovative and they have experience in different markets. They help us a lot in this process. We are very happy to be with you," Piqué said.

For the center, Davis must end up transcending tennis to reach new audiences: "In the end what people want are live events. We don't want to be just a tennis event. We want to be global and attract people from outside tennis. That is why our idea was to create a differential, disruptive event. There will be music, with Allan Walker or Farruko, that attracts millennials. Shakira will act in the end ... Surely people will enjoy it. "

Advancing along that line, he also referred to new possibilities in the user experience: "I think we have to make it as easy as possible for the user. That he can consume whatever he wants. I think technology makes that much easier right now and will facilitate it. even more in the future.You can put 20,000 people in a concert, 90,000 at the Camp Nou ... But it's limited.Not everyone can join the event at the stadium.What can we do with all these people? How can we make them feel like in the stadium? I think in the future we will make a lot of progress in this. We will explore those possibilities to improve the experience of those users ".

Finally, Piqué unveiled a technological novelty with which the captains of each team can count on this new Davis: "Each team captain will have a tablet with party data to prepare the strategy: the idea is that I can tell his player 'is being punished a lot with the right, we are going to play him backwards', for example. Because it is good to have the data after the games. But at that time you can do nothing "

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