Piqué: "We study alternatives to improve schedules"

Gerard Piqué, president of Kosmos, the organizing company of Davis, made a "very positive" assessment of the first edition of the new final phase: "An absolute success".

Gerard Piqué, owner Kosmos, organizer of the new final phase of the Davis Cup, made a "very positive" assessment of the first orchestrated edition in collaboration with the International Tennis Federation (ITF), whose president, David Haggerty, accompanied the Barcelona soccer player at the press conference. "It has been an absolute success," said Piqué.

"In general, I think it has been a unique event and from Kosmos and the ITF we are very happy. Yes we have to improve the issue of schedules, but we must take into account that there are many teams on three tracks and in one week, but the feedback I have had with Nadal, Djokovic and other top players has been great We are studying alternatives, such as using a fourth track, starting the games before, having less rest between them ... We will talk to the players to see what they prefer. It is an issue that does not concern me for the future, "said the Catalan, convinced that the issue that has raised more concerns will be resolved without problems.

He is also confident that audience attendance will increase: "It is true that there have been tracks and sessions that have not been filled. But I am sure that next year will improve attendance because people will know the new format better. We will talk to the players. to see what they prefer. We don't have all the figures yet, nor those of the economic impact, but we will provide it as soon as they are ".

ATP-ITF Agreement: "We hope to announce something"

Piqué answered questions from journalists, including the one that asked him about a possible deal with the Association of Professional Tennis Players so that Davis and the ATP Cup, whose first edition will be held between on January 3 and 12, 2020, they merge: "The possibility of reaching an agreement with the ATP to make a single two-week competition is on the table. Novak and Rafa have expressed that they would like that and would be held in September It would be best for tennis, not having two very similar competitions. We will start talking in the coming months and maybe we can announce something. "

Likewise, he advanced that Madrid intends to extend the contract that linked him to Davis in 2019 and 2020: "Madrid is interested in continuing one more year and we have many other options. We will make a decision in the coming months." The Swiss press asked about Federer's absence and Piqué repeated what he has always said: "Federer was my idol in tennis and I respect very much his decision not to play in Davis" .

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