Paco López: "I hope that Aitor will be resolved in the next few hours"

The Levante coach analyzed the meeting against Athletic in San Mamés and the controversial call of Aitor for the polling station.

How everything changes in one week: "Yes, we already talked about it the other day. In a week what can change, for better or worse ... Therefore, so that this type of emotional fluctuations do not occur we try to put the focus on the game, on improvement but sometimes what happened this week is inevitable ".

Aitor's controversy: "It is the first time I live it, let's see why they are still making arrangements, but I do not understand how with a player it has been achieved and they have allowed him to play the game and why with Aitor with the same type of plea no. I hope it will be resolved in the next few hours ".

Can it affect you in any way ?: "I hope and wish not, and I hope that in the hours that remain until Sunday it will be completely resolved."

Athletic: "As the games in San Mamés are usually. Our last two visits have been very vibrant games, where we have good memories of the game, with two good games. Every year is different but I expect an Athletic as is usually your field. With a high pace, duels, physical and very talented from midfield upwards that can unbalance at any time.We will use our weapons.We know what kind of game they do in San Mamés and we will try to impose, neutralize their game and propose ours ".

Renovation: "What seems normal to me is to try to do things to win on Sunday. Every week is the same and people should get tired. I try to do an empathy exercise and put myself in the place of people already I would get tired. I'd rather not tire people and talk about the most important thing. "

Tip: "In football I understand absolutely everything and I live with everything that happens in football. But I do not bother what does not depend on me. What depends on me I try to do my best" .

Renewal in 'stand by': "Here we return to the same thing. There is possibility and it exists. I repeat it again, I have absolute confidence in the president and he in me. What does not depend on me does not stop me to think about it."

Oier: "He is better and that is why today was the second day he has done field work with the goalkeeper coach and he is much better. We hope and wish that he will soon start training with the group and as soon as he can be available ".

Euphoria: "It is another facet that a coach must handle. But we have a very mature wardrobe and the message has always been the same, focusing on us and not depending on the fluctuations of the results. Focus on how to harm them the rivals and how we can do things to take the victory. And if we do, the fluctuations will be less accentuated. "

Campaign: "Campaign is showing that it has the capacity to be in the National Team. It would not have been a surprise for me, but I understand how difficult the coach has, especially in those positions."

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