Óscar: "If you are down it is for something, you have to improve a lot"

The new coach of Celta says he has not had time to give his seal to the team and does not want to give clues about his tactics at the Camp Nou.

Call: "It's easy, the most available are Iker Losada and the three goalkeepers."

Changes: "I always like this to be the players who first know and they still don't know who is going to play."

Preparation time: "Of course it has not been enough, I am not a magician to do everything I want in three days, but we have started to work on some concepts. We still have to work many more and that is why next week and the another we are going to take advantage of them to work more concepts. Now in these three days we have started to work on some concepts, we have taken the first steps and I would like to see them reflected in the Camp Nou ".

Sensations: "It is logical that Barça come out with a predisposition to win after the last results and also play at the Camp Nou, which for them is a place where they are very comfortable, but we are going to play our game, we will try to win confidence, to recover the confidence of the players is very important and to see if this match serves us for that. Logically three days they give for what they give, but we have already taken the first steps. We know where we are going, against whom we play, in the situation that they are and where we are, but we will try to win ".

System: "You will see that on Saturday, we are not in a position to give many clues or who will play. Slavia played very clearly, but each team is different and has a different player profile. Barça also He created occasions for Slavia, I don't think there is a clear system with which Barça can be harmed, but someone had already hit the key and the rest would copy him. You can play a very good game and then Messi places a foul on you in the squad. He's the best player I've ever seen in my life and he can decide a game at any time, but we're going to focus a lot on us. "

Things to improve: "When a team is in this situation it is clear that there are things to improve. Even the best teams in the world have things to improve. The teams that I have trained also had things to improve when I left. It's a I have always had a clear idea that it can always be improved and that is what I want to instill in the players. It is clear that we have quality, but you have to compete, quality serves you to compete better, but only with quality you do not compete ".

Cheer up: "I see the players eager to learn, some concepts were already used by other coaches who were here, others are new, but I have found a locker room that wants to work, fight for this shield and give it you cheer for the fans. We know where we are going and who we play against, but we have to think more about ourselves than the result, although we want to win. "

Adaptation: "I have to adapt to the players I have and the players have to adapt because each coach has his method. When there is a change of coach, the player is in continuous learning, because what one coach wanted, the other does not He wants it, or vice versa. We have to adapt both parts, I to the template and they to me. "

Competitive deficit: "These are things that we are going to try to work and change as soon as possible because a team of this technical level does not have to be in decline. Football has a lot of mental and in that aspect we have to work a lot. When you are down it is for something, because you are missing things and you have to improve a lot ".

Debut: "I never imagined debuting at Camp Nou as a coach, but the calendar has come like this and it's a special place because I've spent half a life there."

Barça different: "This season the biggest difference for me is De Jong, who is a different midfielder than there was. Sometimes he can play in the job of Busquets, he can play ahead and is a great signing. There is also Griezmann, who it can bring different things, but I don't think I'm playing very differently than I did last year. "

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