"Now or never!", In Budapest they are already waiting for Espanyol

The parakeet team faces Ferencvaros on Thursday. The presence of more than 400 blue and white fans is expected in the Groupama Arena.

Illusion to follow Espanyol for Europe. This Wednesday the landing of parakeet fans in Budapest has already begun to witness live this Thursday's match against Ferencvaros. It is expected that more than 400 fans will be seen and heard in the Groupama Arena in Budapest and that is the whole of Pablo Machín yearns to park his doubts in the League to continue his European idyll. This same Thursday, if he wins, he could secure his first place in the group and certify the pass to the next round of Europa League.

From early in the morning, at the Barcelona airport, many fans of Espanyol congregated. One of the flights that departed from the city to Budapest, where AS was also traveling, was full of parakeet fans and it was not strange to hear that "it seems that those of Espanyol have bought the whole plane." There were some delays, but it didn't matter. Blue and white T-shirts and scarves, some of different rocks such as Barceloneta, and a lot of parakeet feeling. The road through Europe is being a liberation for the first team and fans don't want to miss it. In Budapest there are already a large number of fans and this Thursday is expected to still arrive, either on direct flights from Barcelona or having to sacrifice a little more and stop in Milan. Even so, Machín's team will not be alone in Budapest. In the Hungarian city, the atmosphere of European encounter begins to be breathed and in the local newspapers they already echo.

Without going any further, the 'Blikk' does not hesitate to title a piece referring to the duel against Espanyol as "now or never!". It is explained that "there is a great opportunity for Ferencvaros in the Europa League (he has options to move on to the next round) and he will have to take advantage of it." In addition, as for the parakeet set makes it clear that "he is in trouble in the league and can play with substitutes." The same newspaper also includes statements by Balázs Molnár. The Hungarian footballer has a blue and white past because he played six games with Espanyol (four in the League and two in the Intertoto) season 99-00. "Even before the first match between the two teams I was confident in achieving a good result. Now the same. There is a good chance for the team to win because it has already shown that it is capable of competing with Espanyol. In addition, they have a match important in the league over the weekend and it can affect them ", he exposes and later reveals that he still has friends in the parakeet club and" I visit Barcelona quite a bit. I have great memories of the city and the team because I was able to play with very good players, such as example Mauricio Pochettino ".

On the other hand, facing the duel this Thursday, the blue and white entity has sent its fans a series of recommendations for safety in Budapest. In addition, he warned that those who have bought tickets to witness the meeting will have to concentrate, on the day of the match, at 4:00 pm on the outskirts of the Nagyvárad Tér metro stop, located 800 meters from the Ferencvaros stadium. From there they will walk to the Hungarian side's fief and two hours before the start of the match, at 4:55 p.m., different points will be enabled in zone E of the stadium to change the voucher for the nominal entry.

Photos from as.com
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