Nothing new: Dallas falls despite Doncic's triple-double on Porzingis' return to Madison

The story does not change for the Mavericks, who lose again against the Knicks. Doncic could not help it despite his great performance.

The Mavericks have something in recent clashes with the Knicks that exceeds the laws of basketball. It happened last year, but this season they have filled the quota of infamy - speaking simply in this regard - already in the month of November. They have lost their two duels with New Yorkers, giving wings to an absolutely lost team that has the tightrope coach and a hobby less and less excited about the future. Painful defeat for Texans.

There was no use for Luka Doncic's great performance, which got a new triple-double: 33 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists, although again misguided in the triples (3/12). On this, two new brands: second that gets a triple-double before 21 at Madison after 'Magic' Johnson, second that more triple-double games with 30 points manages to take only two seasons after Oscar Robertson. It didn't help Rick Carlisle's to win against a team that has only achieved two victories this season (two, before the Mavericks).

The match was marked by the return of Kristaps Porzingis to the pavilion that raised him in his early years in the League, where he forged the idea that he can be a great star of the NBA. The Latvian, in the style of Nikola Mirotic at the WiZink Center a few hours earlier, was eager to respond with a great game. 20 points and 11 rebounds, good statistical data but with little final influence. The companions looked for him, but his head asked for more than he finally gave. Strong boos every time he touched the ball, shouts of 'traitor' in the presentation ... a cocktail that ended with the pivot wing somewhat out of point when the game was being decided: he executed a single shot in the last quarter and the failure. It ended up burned, as understood.

Although Marjanovic had minutes and Powell was not bad, in addition to the aforementioned Porzingis, mastery in the painting of the Knicks by Julius Randle, the most mobile pivot, and Mitchell Robinson, the most static. There was no way to stop it. If you add that Dennis Smith, former Mavs, also wanted to claim (not only because he was his team, but because of the bad personal and professional streak he is going through) and achieved 13 + 6 + 8 leaving from the bank, because Dallas was black.

The Mavericks were making the rubber throughout the third quarter, leaving advantages of 5-6 points and then approaching 2-3. A rebound-mate from Porzingis tied the game when the last period was reached, which was moved. Randle raised those present with a movement of brute force before the Latvian in the absence of a minute to put theirs ahead, Curry tied again with a two-handed slap and Morris would be the one who would put the advantage that could never be traced the visitors with a triple in the face of Kleber. Doncic scored later and Curry had a triple to tie, but the Mavs fell for the fifth time this year.

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