Non-aggression pact between gunmen in Austin

The Briton spoke with the Dutchman before the race to agree not to criticize each other in the press if something happens between them on the track.

White flag. This is the symbol that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen would surely have raised before the 2019 United States Grand Prix if they had had to publicly theatricalize the surrender signal that both pilots had just agreed.

"I saw that Max and Lewis spoke before the race in Austin and have agreed not to criticize each other in the press. If something happens, they will talk to each other," begins Jos Verstappen, father of the young Red Bull driver in 'Ziggo Sport' to later give a touch of attention to his offspring recommending him to focus all his attention on being fast on the asphalt: "Lewis and he do not have to be friends, but I have talked to Max about this and I hope next time we don't have to discuss it in the press. He should focus on his work on the track, which he already does, and when journalists ask him, pretend nothing happens. "

Similarly, the Benetton, Tyrrell or Arrows expilot claims that the hexacampeón had this behavior in the state capital of Texas because he is afraid of Max's piloting: "Personally, I think Lewis is afraid of Max on the track. It is clear that when you see them on the circuit, Hamilton is ready to fight whenever Max is close to him. This must be recognized by Max, who achieved it with his driving style and with his forms with the press. "

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