New engine for Carlos Sainz, an advantage in the final sprint

As it will come last in Brazil, McLaren opens a power unit without effective penalty. Cool mechanics for the last two races of the year.

It was most likely and has finally been confirmed: new engine for Carlos Sainz from the Brazilian GP As it will be the last due to the electronic breakdown of its power unit in the classification, the penalty positions will not be effective and you will enjoy a fresh, brand new propeller for the last two races of the season. In Interlagos it goes up, "maximum attack as long as the tires allow," and in Abu Dhabi you can confirm that advantage against your usual rivals by enjoying a mechanic with less mileage. Something similar to what Honda has done since Suzuka (its four pilots had two last generation engines each) or Leclerc (which also changes engines in Brazil) .

Uses its sixth combustion engine, its fifth MGU-K, MGU-H, turbo and battery and its fourth switchboard. All are of the fourth specification manufactured by Renault, which theoretically solved certain reliability problems but does not include significant improvements in performance. However, in front of a grid with units at the limit of their mileage, progress should be seen in all sections relating to power.

Madrid's seventh place in the four-point Albon (Red Bull) drivers' ranking and with three over Gasly (Toro Rosso), which is well ending the season helped in turn by the start of the Red Bull course. The goal is to fight for sixth place until the end, but also not lose the seventh against the two Verstappen teammates in 2019.

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