Nadal: "They are happy moments, but you have to calm down"

Rafa Nadal was decisive in the victory against Great Britain: "Winning as a team is much more satisfactory and when you lose, you suffer less."

Rafa Nadal was the hero of the doubles match against Great Britain, which was won in two sets (7-6 and 7-6), a game that had everything, including discussion with the judge. "There was not much controversy either, there has been a clear error of the judge," said Nadal, who soon looked at the positive side of the victory. Rafa analyzed the meeting: "Both me and Feli played at a high level. Feliciano was at a very high level, especially in difficult times. I want to thank him and the rest of the team. We knew that he would win with determination and illusion, involving the public that has been incredible, have come from all over Spain to see us. The feeling is incredible. "

Nadal continued to have a special impact on Davis: "This competition is dramatic and more in this format. It was a very exciting game." The Manacor had words of remembrance for Roberto Bautista, who rejoined the team after the death of his father. "The perfect clasp never exists when such a thing happens. Yes it is true that Roberto has returned means a lot. It is something very big that he has returned, play or not play. The simple fact that he is here is incredible for us."

Already at a press conference, the Balearic tried to reduce the euphoria for the good of the team: "These are moments of adrenaline, happiness that is normal to have, but you have to calm down, because if we do not rest we will not be one hundred percent." He also talked about the behavior of the public: "The support in Spain is tremendous, I could not be treated, especially in Madrid, especially. I have said it millions of times. Tennis is an individual sport, but winning as a team is much more satisfying, and losing, less hard. The joy shared with many people behind it is something very special. But we have not won anything, just a tie. It is a great achievement, there are few teams whose players have all participated in the Davis ".

The Balearic had a few words for Bautista: "There is no perfect clasp possible for Rober. When something like this happens, everything has a very relative importance. That said, that he has returned means a lot. We can only thank him for his support and for us it is very important that I have done it. " And he expressed his feelings when playing again with Feliciano López: "I have played very few doubles these years, we have got together well, we played a solid game, although we could not make breaks. Do not lose your serve on a track like this is basic. It was a real pleasure to be able to share track with Feli again, and with a victory that puts us in the final ".

Feliciano: "I am living a dream"

"This was something I did not expect. With 38 years, probably in my last years of career, qualifying for a Davis final and also in Madrid, and playing the turning point with Rafa. .. I am living a dream, that is the truth. We have had many problems to overcome during the week and that has made us stronger. Thank you all, "Feliciano said. The Toledo also spoke of the importance of the point of doubles with the new format: "With the new format sometimes the doubles is important, but perhaps more in the group stage. There will be days that are decisive in the crossings, so we can say which is really important ".

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