"Whoever my partner is, my mentality will be the same"

"The three interested parties are working in the best way to get the Hond. I know there is a Frenchman, an Englishman and a Moto2 champion," says Márquez.


-Congratulations on the twelfth victory of the year. What gives you more joy, triumph or that in the end they have also won the team championship and with it the Triple Crown?

-The Triple Crown. The Triple Crown is what the team was looking for all weekend, what they demanded and what I accepted, because I also wanted to get it. I wanted to give them the maximum points for the part that touched me. We have achieved it and I wanted to do it especially for the sponsors, for Repsol, and for Honda, but also to give a farewell in style to Jorge (Lorenzo). No rider deserves to say goodbye to his sports career in this way, because the Jorge that I have in mind is the five-time world champion and that is what we really have to remember, not this last year in which the injuries have cost him more.

-The reality is that the Triple Race has won almost you alone.

-I don't know what percentage it will have been. Almost 93? (Smile). It has been an incredible year, which will be almost impossible to improve and almost equal. I do not like to say the word impossible, but the constancy we have shown will be very difficult, in all circumstances and in all circuits. It is the difference that has been. At the speed level, I think there have been faster drivers at some point, such as Quartararo, Rins, Maverick or Dovizioso in some races, but the constancy we have had is what has made us make a difference. It will be very difficult to match, but we will try to do so or get closer.

-Why has it escaped here before Quartararo than in other races?

-Because I had chosen the middle front tire, but it was very soft, and going back ran the risk of getting over my account. Today the strategy was to be ahead, although it was not as fast as other times I have led. It has surprised me even the distance I have had and, when I have seen that Fabio was at 0.6, I started to throw. I didn't want to wait for that risk.

-Quartararo is at most times beaten this year fighting for victory. Is it to send a message for the next course?

-No. (Serie). He has been the one I have fought the most until the end because for me he is the fastest driver at the speed level. It is clear that he has lacked experience, but in this second part of the season he is the second driver with the most points. Next year I have it as one of the favorites for the title, one of the candidates that will make it harder for me, because it will have a factory motorcycle. This year's Yamaha has already taken advantage of it and the next one even more.

-How was Alberto Puig's push this year?

-I like, above all, the balance inside the box. There is Santi (Hernández), who is more impartial. There is Alberto, who is always butt. And there is Emilio, who is more cautious. Together we have a good commitment, because you like to be squeezed on the one hand and calm on the other.

-Any news on who will be his boxmate once Lorenzo has retired?

-No, no. I know what I said on Thursday, because Honda informed me that there were three candidates to get on the Honda. It must be understood that it is an exceptional case, by surprise, and that is where Honda is working in the best way. It is clear that the three stakeholders who are for that motorcycle are working in the best way to get it, because it is an HRC. I know there is a Frenchman (Zarco), an Englishman (Crutchlow) and a Moto2 world champion (his brother Alex). Zarco is also Moto2 champion. It will be interesting, but regardless of who my teammate is, my mentality will be the same and my intensity, too. The first opponent to beat is the teammate and, logically, my goal next year remains the same, which is to try to make a perfect season, to win the drivers title and collaborate in the brands and teams .

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