More than curious: the Spurs park their bad streak winning Kawhi

The Spurs had a victory in eleven games, but they reunite with her before one of their most controversial ex: Kawhi Leonard.


The Spurs had won one of the last eleven games they had played in the NBA. A horrendous balance if we know its history, since we talk about the most important dynasty of what we have of the 21st century and that still retains its thinking head: Gregg Popovich. They have fallen to the low funds of the Western Conference that so many years have dominated as if it seemed easy. It was time to wake up and they have done it like when the alarm sounds very loud, with a start to wake up quickly: leaving the player whose exit caused part of the problem they are now paying, Kawhi Leonard.

Whoever was the star of the Spurs and MVP of the Finals with it and then with the Raptors, with whom he won the Ring last season after provoking his departure from San Antonio a year earlier, received boos from the AT&T Center public and was A good example of the off-center team that was shown in this event: 19 + 7 + 7, yes, but with 34% in shots. Paul George, who also played, finished with 2/11 and Lou Williams, livelihood as a substitute, made 2/10.

Some Spurs players were accused of not being fine in defense. For example, to LaMarcus Aldridge. Before one of the fiercest of the League, Patrick Beverley, it was time to see an improved version when it came to protecting the hoop by Texans. That was, however, only one of the three main legs. The other two, a ball movement in attack very difficult to digest for the opposite and a closet bottom more than worthy. It smelled like the Spurs we are used to seeing and it ended up sucking, since they won one of the great candidates for the title. The result: 107-97.

During the second and third quarters, especially in the latter, the substitutes took their faces out of San Antonio and melted the leads to some Clippers who could not recover. Lyles and Pöltl gave inside-out options that made Harrell or Zubac suffer. That stretch to get ten up was final. Letting the Spurs players throw themselves from the outside line, too.

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