Miguel Indurain: "My goal in the Titan Desert is to end"

Navarre cyclist Miguel Indurain, five times winner of the Tour de France, said Friday in Madrid that he wants to finish but "without competing."


Navarre cyclist Miguel Indurain, five-time winner of the Tour de France, commented this Friday in Madrid that his next personal challenge is the Titan Desert, in Morocco, where he will pursue the goal of finishing but "without competing" .

Convinced by his former partner Melcior Mauri and his son to enroll in the six-day African adventure, Indurain has participated in a conference to prevent sudden death, organized by the Quaes Foundation and the Association Against Sudden Death José Durán.

"The risk of sudden death already existed in sport, but now we have named it," said the Navarrese champion, affected by the death of a member of the Pinarello family, whose bicycles are riding the excicist.

Asked about current cycling, Indurain highlighted the internationalization of the circuit with tests on five continents: "Today it runs in Australia, in China, in South America, in Africa", so there are more international sponsors. "Before, when Australian Phil Anderson came to Europe for the first time, it was a novelty"

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