Mess in the NCAA: prohibit playing a possible number 1 of the 'draft', repeals the decision and claims

James Wiseman will be tried for allegedly receiving money from his coach, which is prohibited. There is a precautionary in between.

The NCAA is once again in the eye of the hurricane. Just a few days after he began to open his hand and appreciated starting to let players charge money for what they generate, forced by a move by LeBron James and the state of California, he stands out again for this much criticized law. And also with someone who points very high. The player in question is called James Wiseman and was projected in many mocks as a possible number 1 draft in 2020.

Why so much scrambled? The NCAA has prevented this boy, seven foot pivot (about 2.12 meters tall) to play again with his current team: the Tigers. The case, according to the organization, includes its coach, the mythical former NBA 'Penny' Hardaway. According to data collected by the NCAA, Hardaway would have financially helped the player's family with $ 11,500 to settle in Memphis, the city where the team is based, without him knowing it and that, by legislation, is not permitted.

The ban was announced yesterday, but a precautionary decision of a last minute court got Wiseman to play last night's game. He had only played one this season, in which he had added 28 + 11 + 3; in which it was thought that he would no longer be able to dispute, claim with 17 points, 9 rebounds and 5 blocks in a very comfortable victory of his own (92-46 against the University of Illinois-Chicago).

Now it's time to see yourself in court. Both parties will come to settle their differences. Hardaway will come as a witness. For now, you can continue playing ...

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