Mendilibar: "We hope to play seriously and give 100%"

The gunsmith technician wanted to set foot on the ground: "Last year's 3-0 just remind us of the journalists" he said.

The visit of Real Madrid to Ipurua will attract the interest of the crowd on what happens in Ipurua next Saturday, something that José Luis Mendilibar is no stranger to: “With these parties there are always more people, more expectation and movement. For us it is the same. The week goes by normally and on Saturday we have a game, normally. After two victories you think you are coming well and then when the game starts it can be another world. We have the recent example of coming playing well and playing a very bad game. We want to play very well and seeing what they did yesterday, you don't know what Madrid is waiting for you ”assured the armored coach

After winning Villarreal and Leganés, Eibar will arrive on the 12th day with renewed spirits, a state that could be very helpful to merengues: “The victories feel very good for both the player and the one who does not. But to beat Madrid you first have to lose your fear. We hope to play with seriousness and start at 100% ”he wanted. “It was found yesterday that Madrid in a very short time can kill a match. Madrid has quality and it is clear that they are very good. If we let them do their soccer we will have it very difficult. We have to play a very good game, ”he added.

Madrid's last visit to Ipurua ended 3-0 in favor of the locals. A historical milestone that Mendilibar prefers not to remember: “We don't have in mind what happened last year. Repeating that is almost impossible and we do not think it is necessary to see images even then. We have to think about us ”he has confessed.

The Champions League victory against Galatasaray has been a blow on the table for the white team, and Mendilibar is aware: “They arrive after 3-0 in 13 minutes. They won easy, they didn't have to run too much and I think it was a good training for Saturday, ”he said. “The keys to the game will go through doing nothing weird. More or less we have already taken the way to play and compete. There has been a lot of time to rest, the concentration of our players arrives alone in these meetings ”he has also added

Attack on the press

Visibly tense with the press, Mendilibar took the opportunity to throw some poisoned darts in his speech: “Some say the League is going bad because we are all even. The thing changes when two teams escape in the classification, so the league is very good. When they lose we think about how weird it is. If they lose it is never because the opposite has been better, but because these teams have not done well. Those of the press are like that and you have no intention of changing, ”he said. “Normally you know little about football. You have studied something else but they give you a lot of freedom to speak. Do not cut your tongue and you are constantly wrong. Sometimes you are right, although on the other hand it is also normal. It is very difficult to calibrate and 2 + 2 is not always 4 ”, he has concluded

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