McLaren reinforces one of its most important sponsorships

British American Tobacco will be a leading partner in 2020. Zak Brown's work has effects on a car that is filled with advertisers.


McLaren reinforces its sponsorship with British American Tobacco (BAT), which will become one of the main partners of the Woking team in 2020. A job that can be attributed to Zak Brown, CEO of the competition division, and that reflects the sweet moment of the British firm in Formula 1 with its fourth place in the World Builders, the Carlos Sainz podium in Brazil and the huge step forward in benefits

While figures are not discussed, the agreement will include priority positions in the car for BAT's 'New category' products in the front wing, sides and halo, as well as various marketing actions and sponsorship that will also apply to the IndyCar project. This will link to the steam products 'VUSE' and 'VELO'. The European Union does not allow tobacco advertising in these types of events since 2005, which forced the teams to seek resources in other business fields, but that has not prevented agreements with the tobacco companies that now, with the vapers, are intensifying. For example, Philip Morris is Ferrari's biggest partner, although he had to abandon the iconic 'Marlboro' of his ailerons for the current slogan 'Mission Winnow'.

Kinglsey Wheaton, head of marketing at BAT, claims to find “a global platform” at McLaren and it is fair to recognize that other sponsors have interpreted it in 2019. CocaCola, '7Eleven', Huski, 'Automation Anywhere', Estrella Galicia, Richard Mille , 'Arrow', Hilton ... countless brands that have recently joined the MCL34 and will remain in the MCL35, when not long ago McLaren sported the empty orange of his fairing.

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