Mbappé: "Messi is the favorite for the Golden Ball"

The PSG striker spoke to France Football in relation to the possibility of winning the Golden Ball, in which he sees Messi favorite.

Since he broke into Monaco with 16 years, there are many who have ventured that Kylian Mbappé will be Leo Messi's great successor as the best player in the world. The PSG striker has never hidden his desire to achieve it, although always cautiously. In an interview with France Football magazine, he declared that he sees Messi as the big favorite.

"I will not win the Golden Ball this year. There are many candidates for it. For me, Leo Messi is the big favorite. On an individual level, he has been the strongest," said an Mbappé who added "to be grateful to be considered currently one of the best players in the world "although God is not considered as many fans of the PSG tildan.

On whether he has more idols: "Currently, I have no more idols. When you are World Champion, you don't need them. I am currently looking for inspiration in other sports disciplines" "I don't like being compared to Pele, because I will never be. He won. the World Cup three times and is considered the king of football "

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