Martín Aguirregabiria: "Lucas makes a difference"

Lucas Pérez is part of the list that designates the best player of the month of October with Silva (Granada) and Ekambi (Villarreal).

The Galician player will appear before the media tomorrow, but Alavés' right back, Martín Aguirregabiria, referred to him today at a press conference. "He is one of those players who make a difference and, although we are a humble team, it is fortunate to have him." Lucas has six goals in another six games in a row. His record (in Depor) is seven in seven. In Vitoria, in the First Division, something similar had never happened in terms of figures.

Martin talked about Saturday's rival. "Valladolid is a direct rival, it is a great team and it will not be easy to beat him at home. They are looking for the same goal as us," said the defender from Vitoria. "Far from home we have received too many goals, excessive. But we are working well and we are improving. It is true that if you get a point away from home and then win at Mendi, you get a good average," he added.

The side talked about Sunday's game in Pamplona. "Duarte's hand is not understood by anyone. Then there are other clearer ones that are not beaten. The VAR is there to help the referee and welcome." Regarding his presence in the team, he assured that "the substitutions serve to motivate you more. In the preseason I regulated more because I came from the European Under-21". And he commented on his dream of being in Japan in summer. "Of course I would like to go to the Olympic Games but there are only three places at the U23 level," he said.

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