Madrid is a strainer

Whites receive Alba de Aito as the second worst team in defense. They fit 83.8 points and 102.4 per hundred possessions, only Valencia makes them worse.


Bad times for the lyric in white basketball. Madrid chains three defeats, the three away from home (Zalgiris, Efes and Bayern last Wednesday), with bad feelings and no triumph options at the last minute, something unusual. March 13 in the classification and, for the second time in four campaigns with the current format, its balance is negative (2-3). Loose in attack (77.2 points) and worse in defense. Receive 83.8, the highest figure in the nine seasons of the Laso era. And it fits 102.4 points for every 100 possessions, only worsened by Valencia Basket (106.8), the only one that has not yet won (0-5) .

The bad moment of Tavares conditions far behind. He is seen slower and adds seven fouls and two points in the three losses. Mickey also suffers in the face to face and the injured Mejri could have helped out. Like Thompkins The world champions accuse the downturn and perhaps the team lacks another game generator so that everything does not depend on Campazzo and Llull. Laprovittola averages 9:49 on the track in three duels (in two he did not step on the parquet): -3 valuation. Causeur has a hard time starting up and people like Taylor don't go to the rescue. The Alba of Aito wants to delve into the wound. The emergence of Garuba and the return to the Palace, the best news.

The data of the bad white moment

Bad attack. Madrid scores 77.2 points per game, tenth of the Euroleague and far from the numbers of recent years. In the previous two campaigns he averaged the same, 85.83 points. And three years ago, in 2016-17, the first course of all against all, 85.28. Maximum regularity that fails now. If we measure their attacks by taking advantage of each possession, nothing improves: 0.94 points per possession, also tenth.

And worse in defense. If the numbers in attack are bad, in defense they are more adverse. It fits 83.8 points per duel. It is 15th only ahead of Panathinaikos, Valencia and Alba. He receives 6.6 more than he makes and his average is -33 only worsened by Valencia (-75), Zenit (-54) and Fener (-34). The leader, Barça, has +67. If we look at the possessions, the data is even more negative: Madrid is the second worst with 1.02 goals received for each rival attack (Valencia, last, 1.06). A strainer.

Bounce and losses. Catch only 46.9% of each reject in play, 16th of the Euroleague, just beat Villeurbanne and PAO. And in the ratio between assists and losses, which he has led in the last six seasons without missing one, he is sixth with only 1.19 basket passes for each lost ball.

Negative balance. The current campaign is the fourth with the single league format before the playoff. Madrid adds for the second time more defeats than victories: 2-3. The other occasion was on December 8, 2017, when he fell to Olympiacos and linked six losses in seven games for a balance of 5-6,

Laso: "The mistakes punish us a lot"

"Returning home is important because we have three consecutive starts in Euroleague without winning. We miss regularity both in attack and defense and we link a few minutes of good game. We always fall into small mistakes that they punish us a lot in a very demanding Euroleague. Alba is a rival that plays with speed, pulls a lot of three, has pins and attacks rebound well. It is mandatory to make a good game in concentration, work and effort. "

Aito: "At home, Madrid plays much better"

"It is true that Real Madrid has had a bad start in the Euroleague with three straight defeats away from home, but on Wednesday in Munich they lost to Bayern who showed a great attitude and that tactically played his best game of the season by far. Unfortunately, we have to measure ourselves today on his track, where Madrid plays much better and with more concentration. ”

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