Luis Rubiales asks for the termination or resignation of Javier Tebas

Hard allegation of the RFEF against LaLiga after the judgment of Court 12 on the Miami game.

The Federation has requested the termination or resignation of Javier Tebas. In a very hard allegation of the RFEF against LaLiga after the judgment of Court 12 on the Miami game, the institution that presides over Rubiales charges against Thebes. This is the full text of the RFEF letter to all clubs:

"The RFEF has received today the Order of the Commercial Court No. 12 of Madrid by which the precautionary measures requested by the League for the dispute of the official match of the Championship of Spain of 1st Division of Soccer between Villarreal CF and Atlético de Madrid in Miami and condemns him to pay the costs of the process.

From the Auto del Judge it is clear that, despite attempts to the contrary by the president of the League, this is not an independent entity, but is part of the RFEF and its actions must be coordinated with the Federation.

As the judge of the Commercial Court No. 2 of Madrid also determined as Judge on the subject of Fridays and Mondays, and the Commercial Court Judge No. 12 on this day has again shown that the League "Cannot act" outside the Federation. The League is an entity that is part of it and its actions in the field of sports competitions must be agreed and coordinated with the institution that directs football in Spain.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the League has been rejected in recent months all the requests they have made against RFEF:

• He requested that the Copa del SM el Rey and the Supercopa be professional competitions to be able to organize them, something that was rejected.

• Presented to the CSD a conflict of competence against the RFEF, which was also rejected.

• He filed a lawsuit against the RFEF to be able to play a game in Miami last season and had to give up the request for precautionary measures because one of the participating clubs, seeing the legal-sports risk he was running, gave up playing the game.

• Now he has tried again to play a new game in Miami and the judge has ordered him to pay the costs and denied him the precautionary measure.

In addition, in the lawsuit that La Liga filed on Mondays and Fridays, the judge decided to authorize exclusively the dispute of the matches on Friday, precisely because it had been the RFEF that had already said that it did not see any inconvenience in the disputes of the parties. Friday matches. It also forced him to deposit a bond of 15 million euros. He also filed a lawsuit for this same issue with the CSD, which filed his application.

The President of the League Mr. Javier Tebas has filed all kinds of lawsuits (criminal, civil, commercial, administrative) and appeals against the RFEF, in what is considered a forward flight to justify his own mistakes, such as not having Accepted up to five times the entrustment of the Cup of HM the King, generating economic damages against the Federation to which he must respond.

The leader of the League considers that he can act outside the Federation, however, judges, administration, etc ... have found and communicated that this is not possible and that, without the authorization of the RFEF, he cannot organize the Soccer competitions in Spain. The League is a competition manager that must adapt its performance to the rules of FIFA, UEFA and RFEF.

The Presieente de La Liga has judicialized all the questions that have been raised and that there are. The car makes it clear that the bases of La Liga, far from being solid, can be considered conjectures or even their own assemblies, making use of the courts with a sense totally contrary to that for which they were conceived.

The attitude that can be considered a total disregard of the president of La Liga for the rules of FIFA, UEFA, as well as the RFEF, lead to a situation of extreme gravity and put the League clubs themselves at risk.

In the opinion of the RFEF, this attitude is "absolutely hostile and irresponsible" against the institution that directs football in Spain and is causing damage to this sport and especially for clubs that are part of the League that must cease immediately.

With this way of proceeding, it has led two Spanish clubs such as Villarreal CF and Atlético de Madrid, to breach of FIFA and UEFA regulations, causing public-legal system interference in aspects that FIFA and UEFA consider the totally private area that can result in serious penalties for both clubs. These clubs have not wanted to oppose or have been driven seriously to follow the guidelines of the League and its president to implement measures prohibited by FIFA and UEFA.

These clubs, subject to national and international football standards, were at all times knowledgeable before today's car that they face significant and serious sports and / or economic sanctions for their performance contrary to FIFA's decisions and principles most elementary of international sports regulations.

In this way, the request to the member clubs of the League to start a dialogue with the Federation is reiterated and the immediate dismissal of the president of the League or his immediate resignation is requested. Likewise, the League is urged to postpone the actions contrary to the RFEF, giving way to a new stage of concord and collaboration with new interlocutors ".

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