Luis Enrique's bomb, on the Catalan covers

The march of Robert Moreno and the return of the Spaniard, who will not be accompanied by the coach until now, in the front pages of the newspapers.

Pomba Luis Enrique in the press of Barcelona this Tuesday. Sports newspapers echo the return of former Barça coach and former coach, who replaces his second coach. "Luis Enrique, on falling" or "Eurobomba", are the first pages of Sport and Mundo Deportivo respectively.

The march of Robert Moreno has gone somewhat more unnoticed in the pages, although in Sport it is emphasized on the first page that Robert Moreno said goodbye to the players "with tears". Mundo Deportivo also talks about the draw between Uruguay and Argentina and the arrival of Marc Márquez's brother in the Moto GP world multi-champion team. The premiere of Spain at the Davis also stands out in both newspapers.

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