Lima and Clark blow up the school alarm

Despite his great game, Brizuela had in his hands to force the extension but failed a tray in the final seconds. The Estu grazes the descent.


Movistar Estudiantes sees how the qualifying alarm goes on after losing to San Pablo Burgos, 76-78, in a game marked by the rebounding weakness of the school and the great performances of Augusto Lima and Earl Clark in the Castilians.

In spite of everything, Students managed to not get out of the game at any time and lead to the end with options. Darío Brizuela had in an entry in the last second the option to send the game to extra time, but failed.

The problems with the defensive rebound and the absolute lack of ideas in attack led the Students to have a hard start to the game, 2-10 in the first six minutes of play.

San Pablo Burgos was not much better, but an acceptable defense, Augusto Lima's work under boards and the debut in the Endesa League of Jasiel Rivero was enough to close the first quarter with a Castilian advantage, 10-17.

Triple was the pending subject of both, 0 of 5 for schoolchildren and 0 of 6 for Burgos.

In the second act, Students tried to tighten the nuts in defense, at least he put more energy, and his coach, Alexandar Dzikic, took the youth's hands giving minutes to Ignacio Arroyo and Dovidas Giedraitis.

Juan Palacios, with his shots from five meters, oxygenated the student attack and a triple by Duje Dukan, the first of the game (m.13.15), allowed the locals to flee fleetingly on the scoreboard, 20-19, but the great Earl Clark's work and the activity of Vitor Benite allowed San Pablo Burgos to immediately return to blue numbers and, above all, to have the feeling that they were controlling the game.

A triple of Benite (m.17) opened the account in this section for visitors (25-28) and a later Thad McFadden closed the second act with a score of 28-35.

The triples continued ballasting the offensive game of both teams, 3/13 for Madrid and 2/14 for the Castilians.

Lima found all the facilities in the world in the face of poor opposition from Víctor Arteaga and Burgos passed the ten-point barrier in the first minute, 28-39.

The null contribution of Darío Brizuela in attack -0 points at this point in the game- and Kenny Kadji (3), ballasted a student with few ideas.

Lima, 12 points and 11 rebounds (m.26, 39-43) was the player of the game, while the students survived by force of will and isolated actions, until 52-58 with which they reached the end of the third quarter.

The defensive rebound continued to ballast the schoolboys' game, which nevertheless did not allow the Burgos team to just break the game, 58-67 (m.33) .

With Palacios and the offensive reaction of Brizuela and Nemanja Dangubic, Students tried at all times to hold on to the games, more by will than by arguments, but those of Lima and Clark were much more solid and San Pablo Burgos took the victory by 76 -78.

Brizuela could have sent the game to extra time, but failed to enter the basket in the last second. The school alarm goes on.

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